History Is Fun To Read!!!

Some people don’t love to read history, while the rest of us do really love it. The history that I read most of the time is about astronomy, and true-crime. Well, there are more history to read. Obviously. Many books come to question of whom to read about. The book about the Civil War is interesting to know about, because there are so much things we still don’t know about, but we think we do. However, I love when a historian writer writes about things we didn’t know about that did happen. It would be fun to read about the Golden Gate Bridge, and what about the Egyptians in ancient times. You could read about the pre-historic age. Like it, or not. Most people want to know the history of Adolf Hitler, or Lee Harvey Oswald (For that Matter!). I know it is not something most people won’t like talking about, but it is there to know about Adolf’s interesting biography. There are books about Bonnie & Clyde, or how about the Vikings. There is so much history between these subjects. You can read about Lindberg’s baby that went missing. How about the time when John Lennon got shot. There is even sports history. You can read about the New York Yankees, or the history about the Miami Hurricanes. Anything that happened before, and in our time is history. Another one you can be interested about is The Great Depression in the 1930’s. You can learn about many things that have happened in history. You can learn about the things that have happened before our time. History is being made right now.


The Most Talked And Written About Topic: JFK & The Kennedys

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Why are we so fascinated about the President JFK who was assassinated and we don’t know who did it. Everyone assumes it was Lee Harvey Oswald. Most people think the mafia was behind the conspiracy to kill President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Back in 1963 the assassination shock quite a big stir. Today it seems that no one seems to talk about it, because it happened many years ago. Well this Kennedy family has been written in books all the years and writers will always write about the Kennedys. I don’t believe in curses but some think they are cursed for life. All I am saying is to give it a rest, but most fans don’t want to do that. We want to go back to the myths of JFK and the Kennedys. Their father Joseph P. Kennedy has built his huge powerful family dynasty that is of today. Lee Harvey Oswald was a controversial figure and an insane man. All people believe he was a psycho. Most of us know this story very well. I think for young people they should about this history and the myth of the JFK conspiracy. JFK is the most important President figure in history. Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly I recommend you to read. The movie JFK directed by Oliver Stone I recommend you to watch it. So many Kennedys have died along their history. The Kennedys is a great miniseries show to watch too. We are fascinated by the conspiracies of JFK that we want to know more about it. JFK promised many things and showed much promise to the world. We don’t know how this world would be if JFK and RFK hadn’t been shot. JFK was shot in the brain 3 or 4 times in Dallas, Texas. The first lady Jacqueline Bouvier “Jackie” Kennedy held her wounded husband in the backseat of the car. Many people have witnessed the President’s assassination in November 22, 1963. There was much panic at the time. There is going to be a movie about JFK called Killing Kennedy on The National Geographic Channel on Sunday November 10, 2013 at night. I recommend you to watch it. Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President and we don’t know why. Trying to find out who made the plot to kill the President will always be a mystery. Every year we see many magazines about JFK. Movies, shows, and books about the Kennedys we are interested about everything of all of their history facts.