Truth Of Happiness

I have considered very young in my life that happiness is the most powerful feeling of all mankind. It can shape you into a positive and optimistic person. In this world you can achieve anything your heart desires. You can be anyone you want to be. On the other hand it’s very difficult for some to be happy, and perhaps I could understand why. Some people’s negative past events shape them into crummy persons, but yet they can change their lives into a positive. We all want to be happy. I think of being happy comes from within us and what we really want in life. It isn’t by forcing them to feel positive. I think it takes a full effort for those to do so. You have to think of how to find that reason of why they are sad and understand how they got this way. You won’t get the truth from them in one day. Sometimes their stories may take days, weeks, or months to reveal, then we will let them know, that they are foolish to think this way. One way to be optimistic about life is that you need to find something that will cheer you up like watching a movie, or reading a book you may desire, etc. I really think of happy people can bring joy to sad people that have never felt in years. Happiness lies within yourself and not by someone else. Anyone will try to make you happy, but sometimes you have to do it for yourself in order to feel happy.

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