God didn’t put you here to Fool Around

When you are an adult some of you want to do foolery. God didn’t send you on Earth to fool around. He put you here to make a difference, and get along with all races of color. Why do we fight over small stuff? Small stuff doesn’t matter at all. Some people mistreat certain people. Even some sons and daughters mistreat their caring parents. I think there should be a stop to fooling around. If some haven’t changed of not fooling around, then those fools should be punished. I think this world is much better without people who do foolery. God hates people who love to fool around. He doesn’t reward them, but make them pay the price. I think it is best to understand people with person’s language. This always works. If we do this, then everything is fine. God loves people who don’t make a big deal out of little things. God wants us to love each other. Let God guide you by not listening to the Devil. If some listen to the Devil, let them get in trouble. You’ll see that they will have huge problems forever. Most of us love people who do care. God gave you a gift, and that is love.

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