Be Patient, and Your Dreams will Come True

Remember... Dreams Come True

Remember… Dreams Come True (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of us want a career, and some of us want to be famous. Remember there is a difference if you’re famous or not. Some people think they are famous, because they write so well, but the reality is you’re not published. When you are published that is when people all over the world starts noticing you, and when you have the opportunity to make huge amounts of money. Don’t ever give up on your dreams of becoming somebody. Don’t let anyone put you down. There are going to be skeptics that will try to destroy your dreams and there’ll be doubts inside your mind. This is no time to quit. The self doubts shouldn’t let you beat you so badly. Just blank your mind and practice whatever you are doing. If you want to be an actor,  then godly so is it. New writers appear, and if you want to be one, then rightly so. This world is full of people who want this and that come true. If it’s being a cop you want, then do it. No one is deciding your future, and no one is saying to not do it. It’s only you that is stopping yourself. Don’t blame others for your failures, and don’t blame others that we think you shouldn’t. The decision is up to you. But, you have to want it real badly. Remember it’s not given, it’s earned.


Life has Small Time

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve always heard many people say that life is short, and they’re right, throughout our small problems and big problems come at the end brighter days. The days and years past and no one will care what you’ve done in your life, and always are the accomplishments that many people reward you for. But, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cherish your life, in my life I thank God for bringing me here for a reason. All the problems pass away, and will be long forgotten. It’s always the good memories that should be stuck in our minds. I think we should love Planet Earth for all it’s treasures, and be happy for it. The old sayings are brief to be happy for your own life isn’t long and rather simple. All you need to do is not to get angry for your past and just cherish the good past and yourself. We have dark pasts and memorable pasts. Put your mind to good use and use it for a career. The life is a happy one, but not a sad and depressed one. Think for a second that you’re smart and not stupid. Use your time and mind of a happy positive lifestyle. Don’t bring the problems into your life. See yourself for who you are, and not by what people think you represent badly. I haven’t had that saying and it’s new to me, but I have it as an old saying. The role model is important so you won’t get stressed out on your image of life. Have fun and be happy. Peace.

The Paranormal

Paranormal Smoke

Paranormal Smoke (Photo credit: Nicky Pallas)

We all have different reactions of the paranormal; I thought that I’ve had that experience before. Many time I’ve heard a thump on the door without anyone present outside by the door near my home; no one present at my door. I’ve heard lots of peculiar stories and started to wonder if I should believe it. However, you do anything it’ll be the most talked about topic; some will say is real, while others say is a hoax. My life is simple enough to say that I have lived it. My experiences are normal, but I don’t know about yours. You’ll probably say that you’ve had that weird experience; in fact there’s a heaven and a hell; also a limbo. We don’t know where we’re headed, but you’ll rather prefer Heaven. The problem is that God doesn’t release spirits that once lived in our lifetime or before. So, how are we to say that these ghosts are haunting us? And are they coming to us friendly or hateful? In this case the answer is: No. There’s not quite evidence to judge anyone by their real life experiences; a lot of impossibles have happened in our time, and it’ll continue to happen. So far, we’ve solved one thing: that not all things are impossible; everything is doable. In my mind the paranormal happenings should be considered, I think this has to be kept secret, if not then we’ll be at the funny farm or at a mental hospital. My advice is to keep it to yourself.