Be Patient, and Your Dreams will Come True

Remember... Dreams Come True

Remember… Dreams Come True (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of us want a career, and some of us want to be famous. Remember there is a difference if you’re famous or not. Some people think they are famous, because they write so well, but the reality is you’re not published. When you are published that is when people all over the world starts noticing you, and when you have the opportunity to make huge amounts of money. Don’t ever give up on your dreams of becoming somebody. Don’t let anyone put you down. There are going to be skeptics that will try to destroy your dreams and there’ll be doubts inside your mind. This is no time to quit. The self doubts shouldn’t let you beat you so badly. Just blank your mind and practice whatever you are doing. If you want to be an actor, ┬áthen godly so is it. New writers appear, and if you want to be one, then rightly so. This world is full of people who want this and that come true. If it’s being a cop you want, then do it. No one is deciding your future, and no one is saying to not do it. It’s only you that is stopping yourself. Don’t blame others for your failures, and don’t blame others that we think you shouldn’t. The decision is up to you. But, you have to want it real badly. Remember it’s not given, it’s earned.