Don’t talk to the Wall

The time I talked to the wall and it talked back. I was stunned and speechless. The wall has brought me great memories like putting pictures of sexy women on the wall, and putting famous posters of my favorite singers. I thought of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and didn’t know that I could break it that way. The movie showed me ways of overcoming the wall. It has erased the doors and created a wall, but I’ve destroyed it to make a hole through it.

By the way my name is Walt Freeman, and am new to this experience, however me and it has made great friends through the years. I didn’t know that it could cuss out bad words and I complained to it. The wall apologized. This is a simple story of boredom.

But, out in public I and the wall walked together on the sidewalk by the neighborhood. People were staring at us saying “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????????????” I simply said “I know this is bizarre, but it is what it is.” The wall slapped me, but I told it is the truth.

This an experience I want to avoid and not talk about, because of my embarrassment. However, you could see its funny side, perhaps not. The wall explained he didn’t want to be a building or a home. But, I told it that he has to in order for people to stay safe and have a healthy environment.

The incident was all over the news, and all the people watching thought it’s hilarious, even the reporters laughed when they reported the story. Life is now changed and my friend it came back to my home and back to the structure of my home. Its mouth and resemblances as a person has disappeared.

Walls are there to protect you, and thank them for it. I’ve never thanked a wall ever in my life, and this was my very first time doing so. What am I to learn from this? Am I ever going to have a normal life because of it? I don’t think so.

Well, I still lead a normal life, even if people laugh at me from the weird experience of the wall in public. Until, then

The iconic "marching hammers".

The iconic “marching hammers”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

don’t ever make friends to your wall, and you’ll never have this experience in your lifetime.


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