Fear of Harmless Things

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is in our small habits that we fear things that aren’t a danger for us. For example some fear of clowns, famous celebrities, and etc. Some of the time we don’t overcome it by not forgetting it it stays with us in our lifetime. By not paying attention to it, and focused on the realities of life, then our lives are more fun and interesting. I don’t know why some people fear these things that aren’t of any harm, and don’t have any answer for it. Some people fear small birds that look strange, and they are harmless. We carry different emotions and reactions towards stuff. This isn’t healthy, but it is what it is. Most people aren’t afraid of anything, and have no problems enjoying their lives. We need to respect people that are fearful of harmless stuff that appoint of no danger to them. Maybe, we’ll hear their sides of the story of answering that simple question why. I think it comes in childhood of what you don’t know how they got it. Most parents don’t really think their sons, and daughters are fearful of things that are safe. It’s just silly behavior, and some of us have it. But, they forget about their fears and enjoy their lives. I have heard that some women are afraid of big spiders, and any kind of that sort. Perhaps, they do have reasons for it. I just think that it is their genes that cause this mechanism in their minds.