Movie Review: Big (1988)

The movie I always loved when I was a kid in the 80’s was Big starring Tom Hanks. It is about a kid named Josh who didn’t always gets what he wants. He feels overruled by adults and his classmates telling and bullying him what to do. He goes to a fair to the wishing machine making a wish to be big as an older adult. He goes to the city trying to find a job. He gets even luckier by the rich boss giving him a job, but not just any job. A top job. A job where he checks toys if they are appropriate to sell for kids in toy stores. He works in a huge toy business cooperation. He gets himself a girlfriend there. But, when he realizes that he misses childhood, his best friend, and mom he makes his last wish to be a kid again. His wish is granted, but his girlfriend isn’t pleased, because she has to say goodbye to him. The ending is wonderful, because he is happy with his family and best friend. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves to see it.

About Madonna

English: Madonna at the premiere of I Am Becau...

English: Madonna at the premiere of I Am Because We Are at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is a true artist that made it up big time, when she began her singing career in the early 80’s. The Madonna we know and truly love is charismatic, and strangely bizarre. The early videos were decent and clean, which people came to love her in music videos she perfected in her own right, the later one’s turn into a bizarre twist that some other fans didn’t quite like, but she still had an audience for it. Fans come to love her and hate her,but I idolize her. I just love her songs that are entertaining for me, and most of us. My favorite videos are “This used to be my Playground”, and “Deeper and Deeper”. The first one I’ve mentioned is clean and innocent in the honesty for the movies about girls playing pro baseball which the women’s pro league was banned a few years later. It was history in the making for “A League of Their Own” at the box office, and starred alongside Tom Hanks. The second had a strange outcome of party with strange people who had the most psychedelic funk fun to it in “Deeper and Deeper”. We seem to worry about those balloons in the video. I for one like how she’s attractive in that video. There you go two of my favorite music videos. The books she wrote were for the public to read, which one is strange. I think this book was called “Sex”, which come to mention. It meant having all the pleasures of sex anywhere, and it took very far. The other one is a children’s novel, which she wanted to make, and these two were a huge success. She still carries a wide audience. Once the concert is performed by her the whole seats are filled as in they’re sold out. But, we can still see her on TV, because we have to wait for months for that to happen. I am her huge fan. If you’re of her taste of music then this is for you, if it isn’t then go for something else. She did it all, and is a true superstar in her credit. Her music will be immortalized, and won’t ever be forgotten. She is and will always forever be loved by millions of fans around the globe.