Don’t Reflect On Your Negative Pasts

Most celebrities reflect on their negative pasts to show the world how cruel some of their friends or relatives were to them. However, past is past, and most people shouldn’t be so weak to reflect on negative pasts. In doing so it takes a toll on you. We all have pasts that were too painful that we remember it so well. I think it is best to remember positive pasts. Feel happy, and forget about what happened in your negative pasts’ experiences. The old saying goes “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk”. We have a right to make our lives better. We have a right to make a difference in our lives. Leave the bad years behind you. Create new happy years of your life. Some average people don’t do this, and would rather live life negative. When you are pessimistic your life goes down the drain with nothing positive to build on. I have seen many people in their thirties and forties who have changed their lives positive. They forgot about their negative lives, and created positive ones. Nobody deserves to live life depressed through all their years. Be optimistic that you can live life happy rather then pessimistic. You’ll be surprised of how many people are living positive, and you are living optimistic as well. Create new happy days, and be happy everyday.

Shirley Temple (1928-2014)

Shirley Temple Black was an American film, and television actress, singer, dancer, whom was most famous as a child actress of the 1930’s. When she was an adult she entered politics, and became a diplomat. She served as a United States Ambassador to Ghana, later to Czechoslovakia, and as chief protocol of the United States. She began her film career at the age of 3. She has had film hits such as Curly Top, and Heidi. Her popularity in the box office waned on her when she reached adolescence. She left the film industry in 1950 at the age of 22. She published her autobiography called, “Child Star”. Her first marriage was to John Ager when she was 17 years old on September 19, 1945. John Ager was an Army Air Corps Sergeant. Their marriage became troubled and she later divorced him. Her second marriage was to a WWII United States Navy Intelligence Officer Charles Alden Black. She died of natural causes on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85 in Woodside, California alongside her family and caregivers. R.I.P. Shirley Temple.

The Cool And Popularity Status

In order for you to be cool and popular like in school or anywhere you need to be nice. You also have to have a nice personality. Most people hate jerks, and some of them are popular indeed, but you can’t be like them. Just be yourself, and stop acting of someone else you’re not. Women hate people who try to be someone else who want to gain friends and coolness. Some of us haven’t been popular in school, but it doesn’t really matter. You can be cool at any age. I am cool and popular. You can be too. The thing is start enjoying entertainment, and decide what you want to be when you grow into an adult. Most teens are lost when they start thinking of careers, but it doesn’t mean it is too late. It’s not late for anything. The first thing you need to do is stop feeling dark and gloomy. Gain respect from friends, and peers. Respect your elders, and teachers. Learn subjects that will be most helpful in your life. Life has its ups and downs. Somehow, someday you’ll gain popularity, and people will think you’re cool. Enjoy life, and don’t dress like a jerk. Share opinions with friends and families. Respect the things people enjoy, and don’t say mean things about entertainment. Be involved in what is going on with your family. Be informed in what is going on in the world by watching the news. Be involved in your friends activities. Avoid bad crowds, and bad groups. These are some of the things to be cool and popular. Don’t do drugs, and don’t be an alcoholic. Stay clean and sober. Just be cool and popular by being yourself. 

Coca-Cola Rain

Through a sunny day the rain started to pour on the streets of Los Angeles, California. Most people started to go to their cars, then suddenly the rain stopped. The same people had gone home. A man named Chris Token came out of the Gap store carrying a bag filled with clothes for his kids. He went to his Honda Accord took a left, then decided to go home.

He arrived at his home, and came inside where his wife Melinda and his kids were waiting for him. He surprised with brand new clothes. Tom and Sandra loved their new clothes. His wife offered him to eat dinner when he knew it was 6 pm. The Token family ate dinner, and watched TV. A few hours later night came and they all went to their rooms to sleep.

On a Saturday he went to jog around the neighborhood, and his neighbors saluted him “Hi!”. He was beginning to think about what it would be if he made a wish that can come true. His wife is at work, and the kids at school. He returned home and took a shower. A half hour later he ate lunch, and made a wish.

A week after he decided to go on a vacation with his wife and kids to visit New York. They took the plane and booked the trip for a week. Once they are on vacation they went to book their reservations to a hotel for seven days. They all went out walking outside the sidewalk, and it started to rain.

But, it wasn’t any normal rain, instead it rained Coca-Cola rain. Chris’s wish has come true. The kids saw the color of the rain, and lifted their heads up and drank the Coca-Cola raindrops. All the pedestrians started to do the same. Everyone loved the taste of this fascinating rain. They all didn’t get sick.

“I love the rain!’ shouted Chris

“Yeah it’s cool, because I am drinking Coca-Cola, and not from a soda can!” said his son Tom

“Isn’t that wonderful?” said Melinda surprised

“Awesome!” responded Tom

“Okay, kids! We are going to the zoo.” Chris said

“No, Dad! We want to stay here and drink more of this.” commanded Tom

“Yeah, Dad! I will stay here too!” said Chris’ daughter Sandra

“Okay, Just for 15 minutes.” said Dad

The Token family drank the raindrops. The rest of the strangers kept on going somewhere else. Some other kids drank the soda drops, but their parents shoved them to go with them.

The Token family went to the zoo, and enjoyed visiting the animals, which Chris’ kids touched several animals that were permitted by the animal trainers to touch. Night came and they arrived back at the hotel, but the kids were more interested about the rain. They have never seen anything like it. The next days they visited the museum, and the park.

The news reporters announced that Coca-Cola rain that didn’t look normal at all it isn’t considered hazards to people’s health, because they have said that the clouds poured only soda rain. But, they have advised them not to drink all of it. Everyone didn’t know when this was going to stop.When the Token family came back to California from their vacation of New York they arrived at home.

A year later scientists researching this strange rain they have declared that it is going to stay forever, and it’s never going to stop. When is it going to stop? Are most people going to stop drinking it? We may never know. It is true if some people drink too much of it they are going to have a stomach-ache.Chris has tried to make another wish to stop that kind of rain to pour on the U.S.A, but it is something that won’t ever change. For Chris it is a wish once taken. For him it is a blessing and a curse. He will have to live with it through his entire life.  

Do The Right Things

There are many people who do drastic mistakes, regret them, and simply forget about them. On the one hand people who don’t forget about people they already know that they did them wrong. Be careful what you wish for! I am warning you! If someone needs your help do it the correct way. Don’t do evil misdeeds that make you end up paying the consequences. Most people want to do good deeds for those who deserve it. In some manner if the employee from a store gives you the wrong change, tell her/him immediately before they might get fired, if you don’t it’s your fault in all of this. Do pay attention in many levels of situations in order of doing the right things. Some of these people may not know it’s your fault that you did this to them, but you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. When someone drops something don’t steal it. Give it back to her or him. Most strangers watch what you are doing, and you need to be careful. We all have to do good deeds, and not all of us are bad people. Some of us don’t think clearly, for example when we drive in traffic we may jump to conclusions of blaming others for our mistakes. It happens everyday. Don’t be those people who do evil deeds onto innocent people. Do the right things, and I promise you you’ll never feel guilty ever again. Your mind needs to be good instead of evil, and this is my advice.

Solar Flares

A solar flare is a sudden brightening observed over the sun’s surface or the solar limbs. It’s flare ejects clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the corona of the sun into space. It affects all layers of the solar atmosphere, when the plasma medium heats up to tens of millions of kelvins the electrons, protons, and heavier ions accelerate to near the speed of light. Flares occur in active regions such as sunspots. They are powered by the sudden release of magnetic energy stored in the corona. The flares occur when accelerated charged particles, electrons, interact to the plasma medium. The phenomenon of magnetic reconnection is responsible for the acceleration of charged particles. The flares erupt when the active regions on the sun, which magnetic fields are much stronger on average. The solar flares can produce streams of highly energetic particles in the solar wind known as Coronal Mass Ejection. These particles do impact the Earth’s magnetosphere, and it causes radiation hazards to spacecraft, and astronauts.

We Are Fine With The Aliens (Don’t worry)

Most people think that aliens are going to defeat us by destroying our planet, but they aren’t. They just want us to have a fulfilled happy life. They only hurt people who are bad and evil. If you are scared of aliens, then I suggest you shouldn’t. On one fact they have helped shape our civilization on our planet Earth. We have everything great on this planet of our disposal, and don’t worry about them, because they aren’t after us. They are fine on their planet, and we are fine on ours. In some shows about aliens tells us they pretend to play God with us, but this isn’t true. Their God is the same as ours. Feel free to do anything positive and optimistic stuff in life, and I promise you they aren’t going to start a war with us. You can freely enjoy your life; however, you may wish. They are living their lives just like we are.