Ghosts Telling Me Their Tragic Stories

Dear Grandparents,

This is your grandson Callister Watkins. I need to tell you a story that I’m sure you won’t believe, and would think I’m crazy, but it did happen. I am a psychologist who treat people with illnesses, problems, and insecurities. I treat my patients on a daily conversation an hour consult once every eight weeks. Well, I went to my home and saw that many ghosts are facing me to talk about something. I didn’t know what they wanted from me, but I discarded it as illusions. The next seven days they appear at my home again and in public places every week. A few days after I went home from work, when I was there I asked them what is their purpose of you all being here. They told me that I could help them to overcome their pasts’ tragic experiences of how they can move on, that they were gone from the real world. I told them to give me ten minutes for me to think it through. Once I did that I started treating each ghost as my patient. One woman named Estella Craver told me she got hit by a company truck driver going at full speed when she was killed at age 25. I began to tell her the worse part is over, but she tells me that she misses her family. The other ghost I treated named Bruce said that he got shot by a gang member in the fore head when he was 34. I keep hearing all these tragic stories from ghosts one by one. I finished consulting them and told them to chat with their families in their dreams, but not in real life, so they won’t freak out. They started asking me why not tell them in the real world. I explained them that it is better this way, because they can react normal with their deceased family member. They understood. When they all left to Heaven they began to attempt my solution for what’s ailing them. One ghost who was a famous young singer at age 19 told me that he was murdered by a fanatic who shot him with a gun. He told me he fired four gunshots at the middle of his chest. I consulted that it is all over, and now he can visit his family in their dreams to tell them how much he misses them. He soon was relieved and gave me a huge hug that last a half hour, then he disappeared into the clouds. When I moved on from this it’s my destiny to keep this a secret for not tell anyone about it. I now myself am sworn to secrecy. I finally understood that the reason they came to me was because they had much confidence in me, and I would understand better.

Sincerely yours,


Callister Watkins

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