We Are Fine With The Aliens (Don’t worry)

Most people think that aliens are going to defeat us by destroying our planet, but they aren’t. They just want us to have a fulfilled happy life. They only hurt people who are bad and evil. If you are scared of aliens, then I suggest you shouldn’t. On one fact they have helped shape our civilization on our planet Earth. We have everything great on this planet of our disposal, and don’t worry about them, because they aren’t after us. They are fine on their planet, and we are fine on ours. In some shows about aliens tells us they pretend to play God with us, but this isn’t true. Their God is the same as ours. Feel free to do anything positive and optimistic stuff in life, and I promise you they aren’t going to start a war with us. You can freely enjoy your life; however, you may wish. They are living their lives just like we are.


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