David Became A Ghost From Being Depressed

Dear Diary,

My name is David Shards. I have never felt happy my entire life. I started to wonder why. God kept me telling me if I don’t start acting positive I’ll soon turn into a ghost and so I did. I was walking the neighborhoods, malls, and public streets when nobody recognized me. Finally, they saw me as a ghost. I was famously known from the news media. I hated the attention from the public. They wanted to know how I died and why did I come back as a ghost. I told them that I didn’t die and I became a ghost, because of me being depressed. The news media joked around and asked me if I feel happy I would turn into a human again. I told them that will be the exact cure. So, everyone cheered me on. I left the news people and went on my own. Once I was walking the public areas they kept cheering me on to the recovery to turn human once more. I felt better and soon some of my body parts look like human flesh. I could see my few fingers on my hands are soon human flesh. I went through days and days as the crowd kept on giving me positive support. And you know one day I turned into a full human again. I am dressed with clothes on. I feel positive, optimistic, and happy once again. I came back home and my wife Elisa greeted back in. She is very happy I found a happy place, and that I am human the second time, also. The next month I was all over the news, and I went to talk shows to tell the world about my transformation from human, to ghost, to human. The conversations with the talk show hosts were interesting. This for me is by far a surreal experience.

Sincerely yours,

David Shards


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