Take Out Your Mood Swings

Spears dancing with her friends in the music v...

Spears dancing with her friends in the music video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you need to be happy and positive you need to act on it. Don’t do anything that’s hurtful. When I say this is because you may be watching a music video, and you act on it like being depressed of your negative past experiences. You feel the same way the song does, as if you’re never going to get a girlfriend. You can listen to any music you like, but don’t act upon it. Also, don’t make up events in your mind that aren’t really happening. You need to control on what is facing in front of you. Go out with your friends. Don’t remind yourself of your negative pasts, and make songs about it. Always make your brain healthy. When you feel negative your brain cells die off. In order for your brain cells to be healthy you need to feel positive and happy about yourself. Help your friends on anything important they need to do. Find the right crowds to be friends with. Don’t act so moody. By not acting moody is by not making up any feelings you don’t have towards anything. You need to take away your mood swings before you hurt anyone, and if you do it’ll be your major fault. Do the right thing by enjoying life with friends. Your mood swings shouldn’t control you. You should control your mood swings yourself, if required, find someone to help you.

My Ghost Letter

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice, 21 June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, my name is Brian Bristo. I am telling you about this ghost letter. Somehow, it has been given to me by one of God’s angel. It is referring to a former wife I have married named Avria Crystal four years ago. In other words she came back as a human and remarried me. It was far too bizarre for me to grasp all of this, but it happened. Well, here’s the letter she sent me. Read it carefully!

Dear Brian,

I want to go back to the human world. In fact God is giving me a second chance to go back to you to marry you again. I have stood peacefully up in Heaven for four years. I think it is time that I am sent back to your home. I know you are happy alone with our kids at home, but you’ll be much happier once I come back. I remember the fun years when we did everything together. We went to the movies, gone to the beach, and travel to Europe for fun. I know that this might seem shocking to you coming back to you. But, I can’t bare living up here without you. You mean so much to me and is the love of my life. I hope that you still appreciate this, because I am doing it for us. Well, when I come back wait for me with my four kids. I’ll come back within a week. Bye! See you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Avria Crystal

Well, what did you think? Weird right? Well, once I reunited with her she was happy, and so were we. She has a second chance at life again, before she died of breast cancer four years ago. I don’t know how she came back, but she explained it to me. Somehow, me and my kids understood her.