Avoid Any Silly Bullies

Have you ever encountered bullies that give you a hard time? I have, and so did you. They have told me many times that my teams suck, and I am a loser. You want to know what? They suck, are jerks, and losers. Anyone who tells you that your life sucks, you should tell them the same back at them. I am a winner. I think anyone who is younger and older than you who bullies you, should pay the circumstances, and penalties. But, we have to enjoy life, because the things we go for aren’t important. They are just there to enjoy it, and not make a big deal about it. Some of the bullies are hidden, and you may not know it. I think this is unfair, but it is what it is. Someone like that enjoy doing it at our expense, but they turn out with ugly lives at the end. I really mean real ugly worst lives. We should forget about them, and let them celebrate their jealousy way for who they are. Us nice people feel free and happy. We are decent happy people without doing tricks on anybody. We don’t call ourselves softies. We are strong-minded people, and don’t let anything bother us. Remember it’s the bullies of any age, shape, and form who feel hyper happy bad people. We are happy normal people. We nice decent people go to Heaven. Be nice to people whoever you are, and don’t trick anyone behind their backs, because it could haunt you forever when you sleep. It could even haunt you when you’re awake. Think like a nice person, and don’t think like a flamboyant bully. Stay true to yourself whatever the results may be, because it’s the bullies who lead troubled lives, and never get closer to God. God dislikes flamboyant bullies. I and you all have our God, but the mean flamboyant people don’t have theirs. Stay cool, be nice to everyone, don’t act evil flamboyant, and be positive.

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