Half Review of 2014!

The last year was filled with so many happy memories we won’t forget. Let’s review this year! Even if it isn’t the next new Happy New Year I want to still see those happy smiles again! I don’t think there’s ever a reason to be unhappy. We have got movies in theaters that some did very well. Novels like Doctor Sleep, and The Divergent series did very well on the bestsellers lists. Most of us have had a lot of fun enjoying ourselves in public, and doing fun activities like watching sports or movies at home. Here in Miami,Fl. is real beautiful, and many tourists come, because they love to travel here. We can’t wait to go to theme parks in Orlando, or California, etc. The movies that are must-sees on DVDs and at the silver screen we can’t wait to watch. We talk about life with friends, and family. Our most proud achievements. I am proud of my blog, and rightly so, but I don’t rub it in anyone’s faces. I am happy of my life, my proud achievements, and will continue to succeed through my entire life. We have novels to read for fun, and watch comedy shows that makes us laugh. We love to go to restaurants maybe go with someone you like on several dates. Going out with friends is much fun in public. What about learning stuff like science, or studying for a business administration degree. Those are the things you should be occupied in. Here in Miami most people are happy, and having their times of their lives. I want to hear the positive reviews of this year, but not personal lives. What I mean did you have fun going out? What did you do for fun? Did you go to the park? Or visited New York? Maybe, you’ve visited France? Did you travel for example to Italy with your family? Did you graduate from school? Those kinds of things, but not personal things. Just the things you have achieved, and had fun seeing movies or reading books like novels, and interesting topics. Thanks to everyone for giving me likes, follows, and comments, but let’s keep it going! I will be writing to inform you, for learning new stuff, for self-help, and also reading for fun for most of you. Be safe, and I want to see those smiles again! No sobs, or being unhappy! Okay? Be Happy!

Act Normal, Don’t Act Too Hyper

We all feel too much excitement when we no longer feel negative. Don’t act at all too hyper, it might go to your head seriously. Think and act normal. Do things like a normal person. I know you feel like doing all positive things by getting way too over excited. You feel like you have conquered the world, and ready to face reality. Stay cool, and take it easy. Even if this is your day, don’t ruin it by getting too hyper happy. There isn’t anything wrong to being too happy, but, don’t over do it. I don’t mean being too happy is wrong, but you might want to be a happy normal person. Don’t jump, and start screaming happily outside of public, because strangers might want to know what went wrong with you. Feel normal. It’s great to be too happy, but there is a way to control it. Just feel the happy relaxation, and feel like a leaf flowing through the wind. Have you seen the Disney movie “Alice In Wonderland” where nothing makes any sense? Well, there are several characters who over did their happiness, and it was fine to them, because in that land you can get away with it. In the real world; however, you don’t get that chance, which acting normal happy is much better, then getting hyper happy at all. Stay cool and act normal on all senses of happiness. Express your happy emotions like a normal person.

About Bates Motel

My favorite show now is Bates Motel. I have seen the movie Psycho, and it is psychologically freakish. Otherwise, this prequel is even more freakish. Firsthand, we get to meet and discover about Norman’s mother Norma Bates. It’s a lot of killing in this show, then the original movie presented in the 60’s. It’s about how Norma Bates, and Norman Bates got their hands on a hotel to own it, and all the crazy psychotic happenings starts to occur. Norma and her son cover-up most of the killings they’ve done, and are connected to, but we still have to wait whether Norma dies of natural causes, or she just gets killed by someone she knows too well. Could it be her son himself kills her? Or is it clearly someone else? We assume she just gets murdered, but we don’t know by whom just not right at these moments. The first season it’s all about how everything got started. The second season is a follow-up to the first. The first and second season have left so many clues unanswered. I am still entangled of what matters to Norma Bates at this point. Is it her son, or the hotel they now both own. We will still have to see all the episodes to solve the pieces of how Norman Bates got psychologically crazy. We need to understand the nature of his mother. We still may not know from the Psycho movie where he describes of how his mother gets killed, until at the end of this series. Maybe, he was talking about something else about his mother. I forgot about that part in the movie. By then, I think we already know by now how he got psychotic, but before all this mayhem they were a decent family. They still are considered a decent family to many people in the show who know them. The secrets are hidden very carefully. This is a dysfunctional family from where we see all their killings, which they are cursed for life. This might be a long series, which in the further future answers will be solved, but not from the first several weeks anyhow.

Magnetism Explains A Mystery Of Planet-Forming Disks

The idea of magnetism atmosphere on planet-forming isn’t new. It’s the first time it has been linked of the mystery of the observed excess infrared light. The planet-forming disks, which circle the young stars heat up by starlight, and glows with infrared light. A theory on planet-forming disks suggesting answers: Gas and dust suspend the disks above on gigantic loops seen of the sun absorb sunlight, and glow infrared light. The stars around the planet-forming material makes its way into future planets, asteroids, and comets. Magnetism atmospheres are similar to taking  place on the surface of our sun, which magnetic moving field lines spur huge solar prominences flaring up in big loops. It became clear disks aren’t enough to account the extra infrared light, even of stars a few times the mass of the sun. Stars surrounded a giant dusty halo, then intercepts the star’s visible light and re-radiated at infrared wavelengths. The result is that the atmosphere absorbs and re-radiates much to account all the extra infrared light. The starlight intercepts material not in a halo, and not inside a traditional disk, but in a disk atmosphere, which is supported by magnetic fields.

Days Not Going Our Way Sometimes?

We have days where it doesn’t go our way, but for most it does. Some of us have good days in some places, but not in other places in the same days. I have had a great day today. Most may ignore you, just forget about them, and listen to the ones who do listen to you. I don’t think of the places where it all goes wrong. I focus on the right places where it all goes right. There are most people where they have good days in all places. Not everyone is the same, and we aren’t meant to be. Everyone has a different genetic in their genes. I go to places where it goes the right ways, and in others where it all goes wrong. But, in most days it all goes the right way. You will meet all kinds of people, and I am happy that it all goes right way in every place for me. Our intentions need to change for the good of us all. I focus on my life, Jesus, and God of the most important things of my life, all put together with my strong heart. I think this is a good idea of thinking for all of us. People change to be good, no longer mean people, and you’ll be surprised once they treat you nice, once they haven’t done before. Just go to the same places where it all went wrong for you, and you’ll see the results. If it doesn’t then move on. Remember our brain is the one who messes up our lives, and it’s not us. It’s our mind jumping to conclusions. Even I used to pay attention to my brain, and not the voice of reason. This was my fault. When things don’t go your way be happy, because you’re happy. Being happy regardless of the results, means that you’re the smartest person, then the average individuals who ignore you on this planet.

Ghosts Want Love

The reason why ghosts aren’t doing anything to us is because they want to be loved. Even if we don’t see them they do us many miracles for us. You may not know it, but they are accomplishing our dreams. They want us to get out of the dark side, and be on the bright side. They help us go on the right track. Some evil ghosts; however, are in Hell, which they suffer of their sins. When you feel gloomy is when a ghost is reaching out for us to help us. They want to communicate, and see if reincarnation is possible for them, which it isn’t. Ghosts want love and appreciation just as we all do. They attack some of us, because they don’t know us. Some think we’ll attack them, and use them as experiments. I think we don’t need to be afraid of ghosts, but embrace them, instead. We have to understand their pasts, and where they are coming from. Listen to their stories, and you’ll understand that they want help from us. Peace. Love. Freedom.

Troubled Young Celebrity Stars

When kids become famous stars they think they have it all, and nothing wrong will happen to them. We do feel sorry for these people, but we can’t do anything about their problems. It just comes with the territory. Their lives become troubled when they cause themselves problems, or problems simply come to them. However, we can’t focus on their lives, because we have our lives to live, and to care for. The life of a young celebrity sometimes is a troubling one, and it may be because the fans may have caused it, perhaps, it goes deeper than that. The one reason I can come up with is that they cause themselves problems, and when they do more problems come to them. Another side comes is when they take drugs, and prescription drugs they say they need. The problem may also lay on the family side, which their parents don’t care about them, and they mistreat them. I think the main reason is because of their fame, and most don’t know how to handle it. When they see that big amount of money in millions, and millions they go crazy. Their sanity of normalcy is no longer with them. Their fans don’t consider them normal anymore, and the troubled teen stars’ lives are changed forever for the worse. This is the sad true reality of it, and fans no longer want some of them around anymore. Some famous teen celebrities; however, change their lives in a positive way, while others pay the circumstances. It’s just the way fame is. It can raise its ugly head to most of them, and the others are just fine.  

At Least Every Dwarf Star Has One Planet

The habitable-zone super-Earth planets orbit around a bit of a quarter of the red dwarf’s star in the sun’s neighborhood. An international of astronomers from the United Kingdom, and Chile discovered eight new super-earth planets. The planets orbit around the red dwarf stars. These planets could have existing liquid water, and are possible candidates for supporting life. They have been discovered around stars between 15-80 light years away, and have orbital periods between 2 weeks, and 9 years. It means that they orbit their stars at ranging distances of 0.05 to 4 times the Earth-distance- 93 million miles (149 million kilometers).

FInd Your True Happiness

When you are not happy with what you didn’t want it is simply unsatisfying. You feel that someone else has made that decision for you just for them. This is awful, and irresponsible. Do the opposite when they do this, ignore their decisions, and abandon it by simply going for your true decisions. You need to do things on your own, and stop listening to what other people want for you. Start listening for yourself, and just do it. Don’t change people’s decisions, because you’re hurting them by getting at an awful disadvantage, which God will punish you for it, or someone else who does it. God loves honest people, and not people who are bullies. Decide on a career like we all are, and ignore some people hating you for it. They are just hurting themselves, and not you. Be happy and feel good about your life. If it is what you have decided for, then it doesn’t matter what people think. It only matters what you think. Happiness is the decisions you have made for yourself, and not anyone else’s. This is your life, and take advantage of it like I am. We are fighters right till the end. We are warriors who fight for our dreams, and decisions. Find things that make you happy, and erase the bullies in your life. This is what finding your true happiness is.

The Tragic Side Of Ghost Kid Thomas Bipler

Dear God,

My name is Alexia Trivers, and am here to talk to you about a ghost kid named Thomas Bipler who I’ve met. He once came to approach me in my home, and I saw him as a kid ghost. He keeps advising me to approach me, but am afraid to. I turn on the TV and see that the police are ready to execute a man who has killed hundreds of children including Thomas Bipler. I was cooking myself dinner while watching the news. Thomas Bipler himself came to me and showed me that this is the killer who murdered him in the nighttime. I ask him why are you still here when you should be up at Heaven, and he tells me he’s frighten of this monster. He also says that he was frighten of him, but no longer is, but feels sadness for his parents. I think this is normal, since a grown man has killed him and raped him for pleasure behind the bushes of his neighbor’s home, once I’ve read the newspaper yesterday of it. We sat down, and talked, but he tells me to shut off the TV, because the news he is watching is disturbing him. Why I ask.  He says even if this monster deserves it, he didn’t want to witness it, and then he tells me of how this serial killer Adam Ednar killed him. I turned off the TV. He tells me that the killer touched him sexually for pleasure, sliced his neck, and then cut him into little pieces. He has a memory of how his killer is about to be executed. He told me that they are going to send him a priest to pray for him, and then they will execute him. I tell Thomas how old was he when he was murdered, and said he was ten years old. I started crying, but he tells me not to, because he is in a better place with God, and Jesus. But, you’re just a little boy who was starting your own life, I tell him. I know, he says. He tells me, that the reason these monsters murder innocent people is because they come from broken homes, and in most cases they do it out of hatred and for fun. I hate people who just love to hate all things or certain things, he tells me. I started to agree with him. I tell him they don’t know any better, and they don’t want to understand, which they do completely. He agrees with me on this point. I turned on the TV and then the serial killer was pronounced dead at 6:54 p.m. of October 5, 1985. The boy is waving bye at me, but I tell him not to go just yet. He tells me he has to, because he witnessed the right justice has been placed, and so I understood him. I tell him that I love him, even if I didn’t know him. He tells me I love you, too, and then disappears into the stairs of Heaven. He gave me an advice to understand this caring, silly, safe, and dangerous world, and simply to think that we are in a happier world, then some are. I am glad he is in a great place, as soon as I will be one day.

Sincerely yours,

Alexia Trivers