Vampire Angels

From Anthony Dawkins:

I didn’t know that there were vampire angels until I saw most of them. Do they fly at their victims and suck blood on humans’ neck? Yes. This is new to me. Vampire Angels have begun to develop this year. They’re the new kind of breed. They have their own culture. Some of them tried to bite my neck for blood,  but I escaped from them. I tried to look for vampire angels books in the library, But they don’t exist in any of the library books. Do vampire angels have halos and vampire teeth? I think it is the case certainly. Probably so. If they exist then they are here to haunt us forever. It won’t come easy for me, and humanity to survive. They can drink blood and fly anywhere their hearts desire, because of their strong strength. I started to think of how to stave them with the wooden stick at their hearts. It failed. How did the angels become vampires? Maybe, they were bitten by vampires and now they’re vampire angels. I will study this and become an Angel Vampirologist. Since, that profession never existed I will be the first to have a career at it. I will be a teacher later, if my students want to be Angel Vampirologists. I think many will go into this field. This should be a career to end such a thing that exists right now, and find a cure to turn them into normal angels again. Until, then in this world I’m in a new horrible nightmare I can never escape from. 

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