True Life Quotes #38

“I think that the world has mixed feelings in all situations in this world. Instead of making friends like God always wants is World Peace we are betraying each other. I don’t see what is the point in that. Everyone loses by betraying everyone. I think it is better to do away from bad people and make friends with good people. In my view I think that the world is super very much confused in these moments. I was and always am a nice and caring person. Revenge is never the answer. I think that problems can still be solved by making peace. I don’t find any common sense in tricking nice people. I want to know why. If you do, than the part of the dark negative side will always cloud your judgments, regardless of how you’re living right now. Is it worth the tricking nice people worth it? I think it is only wasted energy. God is seeing everything and he is no fool. Once we die it is up to him which path we will end up. I am going to Heaven. Where are you going, for your sane life’s sake? I have no idea. Think carefully of your most poor misjudged decisions. Is it really worth the glory of Hell for you? Make smart decisions.”

Raul Conde (Writer)

-True Life Quotes


2 thoughts on “True Life Quotes #38

  1. Hello, I get what you are saying I would like to share a few words if you don’t mind/ I realize how difficult it is as the world is growing darker. the evil is intense I can’t stop there If evil is good has to be equally intense. Why because that is the nature of duality. Without the evil, there is no good and without the good, there can be no evil. The rationale here is if there was only good as you wish, and yes I agree it would feel nice. But it does not allow for free choice. Everything would just follow that straight line liken to the angels. Autotonic like robots

    I’m with you it is easier to hang out with people that think and believe as I do, The thing is that might not be such a good idea. If the light gathers isolated from the dark it seems to lose some of its luster, but the dark in the absence of light just gets darker Jesus certainly didn’t hang out with the so-called good ones. He hung out with fisherman, hookers, common folk Not a very savory bunch. And did not the good ones order his execution?

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