About Harley Quinn And The Joker

It looks like The Joker has a girlfriend and her name is Harley Quinn. I love this character. She represents the same thing the Joker does is to hurt people’s feelings, while having fun with it and do serious crimes in Gathom City. I think Harley Quinn won’t disappoint the fans in the new movie “The Suicide Squad“. I will definitely watch, but only when it comes on DVD. She is a bad girl criminal in this new movie upcoming in theaters near you. I think both of these characters will be fun to watch them fighting crime. It’s a whole other different kind of entertainment. She is playful in a dangerous manner. I think if you fall in loveĀ for her, she might hurt you badly. She is in the same category as the Joker, but she is a female, which is worse for Batman. We always knew about the Joker. I love how he humiliates Gotham City Citizens. He has his girlfriend to add it up more for fun. He will laugh once he hurts the bad guys with entertainment. Harley Quinn is up to the task as well.

I’m Surprised the show Gotham has aired, but am Happy of it

I have seen all the Gathom episodes on the Fox network. Today I was watching the last one. When I saw the end of it. I saw that it will come back in two weeks. I am so thrilled that this show didn’t get cancelled. I am anticipating the next episodes when it airs each week. I am up to date on Bruce Wayne’s serious situation. My favorite character out of all of them is (Selina Kyle/Catwoman). Even if what I will write next doesn’t have anything to do with this. I am going to write it anyway. The show I was recently watching was State of Affairs, but it no longer aired. I found out in the EW magazine online that it might be cancelled, because of its poor showing. I am hopeful that this other show stays on air. But, if it doesn’t, then so be it. Gathom has had mixed reviews in the beginning, and am happy surprised that it is still airing. I am most waiting for its next episodes!!! Remember same bat-time! same bat-channel!

The Show “Gathom” Is Off To A Good Start

So far in the first episodes of “Gathom” we have seen all the main characters. Most people like the show since it started airing. It has millions of viewers watching the show on TV. Gathom is exceeding expectations. I am watching the show and I love it. It looks as if it is real life crime with fiction to it. We’ll wait how it finishes the first season. Expecting there will be a second season is too early to tell. It will depend on the outcome results of this show.

Test And Criticize Your Batman Universe Expertise Here!

Which is the best Batman movie ever? Batman or The Dark Knight? Let the criticizing begin. Should The Dark Knight Rises movie be included in this conversation? I think so. Another question. Who did the best Joker Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger? Did you like Cesar Romero’s Joker? We have seen many Batmans before. We will see more ahead in the future. But, right now decide which Batman was the best one of all. Is it Michael Keaton’s Batman or Christian Bale’s Batman? Did the Batman show of the 60’s made you think it was fun to watch? What do you think of the next Batman movie to come? Decide and tell me what you think. How about Catwoman? Which one do you think was the best one? Batman Return’s Catwoman or The Dark Knight Rises’ Catwoman? There is so much to debate. Also, what do you think of all the Batman animated shows? Are they fun to watch too? Treat your Batman Universe expertise here. You can answer some of these here, maybe just one, or all of them. Start the Batman criticizing!

Gathom: 8 Main Characters

There will be 8 main striking characters in the show Gathom. The show is almost nearing to its premiere. The premiere of Gotham on Fox will be decided by the station when it will air on TV. A new villain will be in the show. She is Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) who is the Underworld Gangster, Club owner, and boss of Oswald Cobblepot. Fish Mooney is the new character member of the Batman Universe. 

I Was Right About The Show Gathom!

I am happy that most people want to see this prequel of Batman. I am also waiting to see it. It will be entertaining, and interesting. This is an extra level of The Batman Universe. However, I don’t know why we wouldn’t see the Joker himself, but the other villains are enough to satisfy me. I will be having much fun watching this show. It won’t disappoint. This show adds more drama and realism into Bob Cane’s characters. You should watch this also, and not miss anything. It’s fascinating! I was right that people will like to watch it.