The Movie Theater

The young couple Cialis and Robert went out on a movie date. They got along with each other like water and ice. Cialis followed him to their seats. They both sat down on the chairs to see the movie once it has started.

They have picked a horror movie. They were almost a half hour passed watching it. The audience also has enjoyed it. Nothing bad seems to happen. Everything is going well for the couple.

The machines come out of the horror film and start killing everyone, then suddenly the screen bursts into flames caused fires and smokes. The seats handcuffed the whole audience including Cialis and Robert. All the theater doors are self-locked by itself. Knives, huge razor blades, and chain saws come out of the seats cutting movie fans into pieces.

Blood squirts all over the darkened room. The crystal lights pop out causing it to look all black. All of them were screaming. The employees smell smoke and try to get into the rooms, but to no avail. They also get killed by their own machines inside. Everyone in the rooms dies from chain saws, razor blades, and are stuck to their seats.

They hear ambulances, fire rescues, and news stations coming from outside near the cinema. Someone has called 911 emergency twenty minutes earlier. People outside the place were all in hysterical motions.

The fire rescue tried to get in, but it was locked tight. The windows can’t be broken. The police tried to get in, but the building is close to collapsing. They all rapidly moved away. It collapses a half hour later. The civilians are taking pictures of the nasty event. The police asks politely for them not to take anymore pictures.

The movie theater doesn’t exist anymore. A few hours later there were no survivors left. They were all pronounced dead. The police and the fire rescue had to tell the victims’ families the sad honest truths that they are gone. How can they tell them without them being in shock and getting hysterical about it? It was now a crime scene. But, it looks like the machines were the guilty party and the bad guys were not there present.


August 20, 2018

I am studying grammar this month. My improvement is looking good. I am studying the English structure. I am trying to understand some of the difficult grammar quizzes I sometimes I have problems with. In this case I study the grammar book and the engvid videos in the internet.

I feel happy today. I am listening to Foo Fighters right now. I spend much time doing exercise every week.

I love writing for Fanstory, because I participate in writing contests. I am doing good and the writers are helping me much. I enjoy it.

I spend my time studying how to write.

I see a lot of crime shows. This time I am watching the show Better Call Saul. It is a hilarious entertaining show.

Everything is going positive for me. My writing is improving a lot.

I like to go to Barnes & Noble and Starbucks to get ice coffee. I sometimes go to Harbor Frieghts to look at tools for the household.

I love my backyard garden. Sometimes I just go out of the house to enjoy the garden and nature itself.

My favorite college football team is the Miami Hurricanes and my favorite NBA team is the Miami Heat.

I love basketball, but am a lousy player. I just love to watch it only. I am a writer. My career is to write fiction stories and keep my fans happy.

Well, my friends, have a great week! Behave! Be kind! Be safe! Love and peace to you all! šŸ™‚ ā¤

Humor Quotes #30

“Need to feel happy in your life and you’re depressed? Get The Funky Cold Medina Resolution. Just ask for Jason Voorhees to prescribe it for you. You’ll be feeling optimistic and positive of your life. It’s all good for here on.”

Kidding! šŸ˜€


-Sense of Humor Quotes


August 10, 2018

I am happy with my life. I am enjoying the weekend. I saw some episodes of Blue Bloods, Breaking Bad, and Gilmore Girls. I am still studying grammar. I love doing exercises to try to lose weight.

I have enjoyed the rest of this week. I am not in class yet. I will only take one online class, which will be part 2 of grammar.

I don’t eat very much. I am only interested in going out and reading books.

Breaking Bad is very sad. I can only think that the saddest ending will be devastating for those characters. It is a sad series, but I like it. I remember that I used to watch Sons of Anarchy and the ending was so sad. It was nothing beautiful about it, but very unhappy ending. Well, that is how some shows are. But, are the best shows still.

My interest is into astronomy and want to catch up on some series in The Science Channel. Most of the time I have been watching NBATV to keep up with the Miami Heat. I am so excited about the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 and hope that USA wins the championship. I think they will.

I am discovering new hip hop singers. I forgot most of their names, because there are so many of them. So far an old artist I like is Whiz Kalifa. He’s been around in hip hop. I like Snoop Dog, which is another old artist. I am trying to find new ones. I will look them up in amazon, which is the best internet site to find them. I love the hip hop music.

I still love to hear country music and know most of the new singers names, as well as the old ones.

I am enjoying my writing and improving it very much.

Well, my friends, have a great weekend! Be safe! Behave! Love and peace to you all! Hugs! šŸ™‚ ā¤