S.O.A.: About Juice & Gemma

In the recent episode Juice has told the truth to Jackson about Tara’s murder, and covering it up. Samcro now knows that Gemma has killed Tara. Samcro are on the loose of tracking her down to kill her. First her son Jackson wants a talk with his mom Gemma. Gemma’s boyfriend meets her, and tells Jackson by phone lying that he never saw her. The two: Juice and Gemma have a vendetta as targets to be killed. Juice regrets saving Gemma’s life by killing the cop a few weeks ago. Now most fans have a clear picture of how Sons of Anarchy is going to end. But, we don’t know how it will unfold in the final two episodes. However, this all ends it has been a great ride watching this show. The finale will be the best one of all.

Sons of Anarchy is Almost Towards its End

Now we know who are going to die. Gemma and Juice will be gone by someone killing them. Jackson Teller somehow will finally know the truth about his wife’s murder. Jackson’s kid is the key to the series. He perhaps will tell one of his family members who killed his mom. Juice is in jail, and Jackson wants to kill him, because of his betrayals to his gang. Will Samcro ever find out that Juice saved Gemma to cover up Tara Teller’s tragic death? I don’t have any idea of what the outcome will be. I think it might be a good one or a bad one. But, at least all of the pieces are getting solved. The final farewell of S.O.A. will be on December 9, 2014. How will this end? We need to be patient when it does and how.

The Last Episodes of Sons of Anarchy

The last episodes is going to be how Gemma and Juice is going to get murdered and by whom. I think that Jackson Teller probably kills Juice, and then someone else kills Gemma. Gemma is the guilty party for the murder of Tara (Jackson Teller’s wife). We don’t know yet how the series is going to end. It might finished disappointing, or perhaps not. It all depends on how the creator sees it. So, far Juice is in jail. Jackson’s son knows who killed Tara Teller. Gemma is trying to keep it a secret from her son Jackson for her safety. The creator said that Juice is the one who is going to die. The fans of this show say that Gemma is going to be murdered. The last scene of the episode was when Juice is shown in prison killing a cockroach. Jackson Teller will ride into the sunset with his son, somehow. We’ll wait how all this mess unfolds.

The Show “Gathom” Is Off To A Good Start

So far in the first episodes of “Gathom” we have seen all the main characters. Most people like the show since it started airing. It has millions of viewers watching the show on TV. Gathom is exceeding expectations. I am watching the show and I love it. It looks as if it is real life crime with fiction to it. We’ll wait how it finishes the first season. Expecting there will be a second season is too early to tell. It will depend on the outcome results of this show.

Thank God, Supergirl Is Now Going To Be On TV (At Least)!

I remember when I saw Supergirl the movie I was fascinated and impressed by it. Sadly, the public didn’t go into the fictional super heroine type, back then in the 80’s it was all Superman mania. Most fans only wanted to see Superman. I hope that Supergirl gets the same treatment as Superman did back then during that decade. In the 1980’s I have felt that I was the only one that was super pumped about Supergirl and was very happy that she might get the big screen and small screen treatment. It never happened. She appeared in Smallville, the show of how Superman started as a child, and then teen youth. I have felt that she might get the chance that Batman have got in this earlier century. I think we should give these super heroines another chance, because not just the heroes are going to reign supreme, but they could reign together. In this sense it will be more fun, then in the old days of the classic years. We should give Supergirl a chance. At least for what we did for Marvel and Batman. She should be given a chance at stardom to be successful too! CBS will give her a primetime date when she’ll be appearing with real life people on the set or animated cartoons. But, I have heard it will be drama. I just hope the sad history doesn’t repeat itself with Supergirl.

Kaley Cuoco (1985-Present)

Kaley Christine Cuoco-Sweeting is an American Actress. She is known for her roles as Bridget Hennessy on the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules (2002-2005), and Penny on the CBS comedy show The Big Bang Theory (2007-Present). She won a critics’ Choice Television Award for the comedy show The Big bang Theory in 2013, and a People’s Choice Award in 2014. She has appeared in movies such as To Be Fat Like Me (2007), Hop (2011), and Authors Anonymous (2014).

The Killings, Sons of Anarchy, and Dexter

My favorite shows this year so far are The Killings, Sons of Anarchy, and Dexter. I am watching The Killings, and Dexter. I am waiting for Sons of Anarchy to start, and it starts next month. So far for the show Dexter I am currently in season 6. I am interested in how a serial killer, like Dexter gets away from everything that’s illegal. The other thing is he’s the Robin Hood of the city fighting crime in modern times. Instead of killing innocent people he kills criminals. Even if it’s not right thing to do it, he goes by his own agenda. This is what’s great about the show. I see different sides of Dexter, and the police force. The Killings is much decent. It is about cops that try to find criminals to bring them to justice. They do things by the books, and sometimes against it, if necessary, so the bad people won’t get away with crime. The one that I love the most out of all of this is Sons of Anarchy. It has jealousy, hatred, betrayal between criminals, and some cops help the bad guys. The biker gangs look cool, but I know what they’re doing is illegal and wrong. This is what makes it exciting: the drama. I watch the shows, because I like that kind of stuff. The final season of S.O.A. will be about Jax Teller avenging his wife’s death. We will see when Juice, and Gemma Teller are going to get killed by someone they know or Jax Teller himself does it. It seems to me that Jax hates Juice, because he thinks he betrayed him, and is a bad piece to his side. He also doesn’t get along well with his mother, and will soon find the real truth she’s hiding. Juice has tried to kill himself, but to no avail, because his biker gang friends prevented him from doing it. The most interesting part will be between Jax Teller, and Marilyn Manson’s character. I want to see what happens when they meet each other in jail. I am also watching Scandal, which is my other favorite show, also. This one is all about politics. The politics are dirty in this one. It has major drama.

Which Bate’s Motel character Is More Psycho?

Come to figure Norman Bates isn’t the only who is gone wacked out of his mind. We clearly agree this his M.O.M. is psycho as well. Let me hear your opinion who is more psycho Norman Bates, or his mother? In my opinion I think his mother Norma-wacko in the brain. She made Norman the way he is crazy, but he looks normal to everyone. She doesn’t want him to get out of his home to settle down. He’s a mama’s boy, and plus his mom is the same as he is. If you saw the show Bate’s Motel, then you do understand how Norma Bates has gone insane. Who do you think has complete insanity M.O.M., or Norman Bates himself? Or are they both equal? We haven’t come to that conclusion. Agree or disagree either way they are family, and they do help each other. Is Norman Bate’s brother more psycho than them two? This is a tough choice to consider the circumstances. You decide which one of these Psycho characters is the number #1 psycho loony tunes. Think about it careful, and come to a decision.

I Was Right About The Show Gathom!

I am happy that most people want to see this prequel of Batman. I am also waiting to see it. It will be entertaining, and interesting. This is an extra level of The Batman Universe. However, I don’t know why we wouldn’t see the Joker himself, but the other villains are enough to satisfy me. I will be having much fun watching this show. It won’t disappoint. This show adds more drama and realism into Bob Cane’s characters. You should watch this also, and not miss anything. It’s fascinating! I was right that people will like to watch it.

I Am Watching Astronomy Shows

Yesterday I was watching The Inexplicable Universe with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I was trying to make sense of it all, but know some of the things he has explained. I need to watch his show series several times, which I intend to do. The other show I was watching today was How The Universe Works, and then Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. I was trying to understand all of it, and it seems that these too I need to repeat seeing it. I think I know some of the things, but love astronomy anyway. I think I have sort of complete understanding of some of the things the universe acts on nature in space. In outer space nature is real strange, this is the reason I enjoy watching these shows. They keep you guessing what the host is explaining you in order to learn from it. I have recently bought The Parallel World by Michio Kaku on the kindle fire, and Physics of the Future in print by the same author. The reason I am watching astronomy and reading it is because I want to learn about things in space. The Science Channel is my favorite channel, but I only watch the educational shows, and not the other shows like Survivor Man for example.