The Final Episode of Sons of Anarchy

I have felt sorry for Jackson Teller. The final episode has impressed me a lot. Jackson Teller came in a conversation with his club about the future of his sons and Samcro. He told them in order to save his sons and club was for him to commit suicide. I couldn’t believe my ears. It had to be done. He didn’t want his sons to be criminals like himself. He rode his last ride while the police chase him. He threw himself to an incoming truck killing him. Before, that he talked to his deceased father one last time. His father was killed by his step dad, and his mom. Jackson killed himself for the safety of his sons and Samcro. One of the most interesting shows has just ended. There will never be one quite like it, until anotherĀ oneĀ appears. Awesome series. A sad ending. The final ride. The final goodbye.

S.O.A.: About Juice & Gemma

In the recent episode Juice has told the truth to Jackson about Tara’s murder, and covering it up. Samcro now knows that Gemma has killed Tara. Samcro are on the loose of tracking her down to kill her. First her son Jackson wants a talk with his mom Gemma. Gemma’s boyfriend meets her, and tells Jackson by phone lying that he never saw her. The two: Juice and Gemma have a vendetta as targets to be killed. Juice regrets saving Gemma’s life by killing the cop a few weeks ago. Now most fans have a clear picture of how Sons of Anarchy is going to end. But, we don’t know how it will unfold in the final two episodes. However, this all ends it has been a great ride watching this show. The finale will be the best one of all.