The Shows I Am Watching

I am watching The Man in High Castle, Hell on Wheels, Criminal Minds, and Strike Back. All of them are pretty good. I have finished seeing Blind Spot, and Qauntico. Blind Spot will come back with season 2 this February.

I love these shows. The Man in High Castle is about the Nazis and Japs take over the U.S. in the 60’s by winning the second world war. They show that the films showing the Americans winning the war could save America from its evil perils of Adolf Hitler. I have seen four episodes so far.

Strike Back is about the U.S. Army trying to end the war on terrorism. I am just starting to watch the very first episode of season 1.

I love shows about wars, crime, corrupt cops, and good cops. I think they are interesting to watch. Criminal Minds is about FBI agents trying to stop intelligent criminals from going on a killing spree and arrest them. They’re all very good shows.

I have seen one episode of Downtown Abbey and came out disappointed. very boring for me. I have stopped seeing it.

The one that I want to keep on watching is Bones. It has 10 seasons.

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