On The Penultimate Episode of Sons of Anarchy

We all knew what was coming to Juice and Gemma. An inmate has killed Juice in jail inside the prison cafeteria. Jackson Teller has killed his own mother Gemma at his father’s home in the backyard garden. These things that have happened made us satisfied, but we want to know what is going to happen to Jackson Teller and Samcro in the final episode airing on December 9, 2014. It looked as if the season has ended when we saw the episode last night, but we need to see the final one. Most of us think that Jackson Teller might get killed. Are we so sure that is going to happen? Jackson got his justice. His gang has killed the gang enemies rivals. It all comes down to the final episode. We can imagine. It all looks so clear now. If you haven’t seen the episode on FX last night and don’t want any spoilers. Don’t read this post! Watch episode 12 first! Let me know what you think about Jackson Teller and Samcro’s future.

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