Pet Animals Are Wonderful

Most of us have pet animals that are domestic. When we take care of them, and show them we care for them they repay our favor by giving us love. An animal like a dog can be sincere to us, if it is trained properly. It protects us. It shows that he/she cares for us. It’s playful. They understand our feelings. We understand their feelings. It’s like you have found a buddy. Animals can be funny when they want to make us happy. We should talk to them, even if they are animals. They are delicate, and need special caring. Cats need love also. They understand what we go through. Pets do need us the most, and animals like dogs are good protectors for us. I used to have pet animals. I have had only dogs, parrots, and hamsters. There are other domestic animals that are kind to us. I think we should be kind to them back. If we can get along with nice people, then we can get along with domestic animals. They will thank us once we do. They are family, and are our family members.