May 20, 2015

This day I am with my parents. Tomorrow is my birthday, but won’t reveal my age. I think there is no need for me to. I was watching the documentaries of UFC fighters. I am starting to watch it and will try to know their names. Before a long time ago I used to watch UFC fights. Most of them I’ve watched were the California Kid’s fights. I am interested in watching Kurt Cobain’s last days. His documentary is on Netflix. The game I am most interested in is the Cleveland Cavaliers v. Atlanta Hawks game. I want to see who is going to win that Eastern conference championship series. Game 1 starts tonight. I feel much calmer, and relaxed. Yesterday I have been reading Jackie Smith’s novel Boy Band. I will be out with my parents going out tomorrow on my birthday. I was thinking about what I should do in order to lift weights seriously. I am not concerned about it, because I will do it somehow. I saw American Sniper and loved it. I will say to myself that American Sniper is now my favorite movie. That is how much I have enjoyed watching it, because it is a true story. I am working on the computer with my dad’s architecture work. I still seal the architecture plans.

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