May 21, 2015

I woke up and took a walk with my dad around the neighborhood. It felt great that this day was filled of many Happy Birthday Greetings from families. Well, my parents were the first ones to tell me “Happy Birthday”, and then it was my friend the cleaning lady greeting me the same thing. I am happy that I got many Happy Birthday Greetings. I got ready to go with my dad to Barnes & Noble. Of course, they let me get a book and a magazine. I bought a book and a magazine there. The first stop though was at UPS. My dad got a package. I ate breakfast at home. Later in the noon time I ate with my parents at IKEA. They invited me to lunch. The food and drink tasted great. The phone at home was busy, and they all were for me, because of my Birthday. They’ve greeted me. I told all of them thanks. Now I will watch the Golden State Warriors v. Houston Rockets NBA playoff game. It’s game 2 tonight. In my home I was watching to many hip-hop and rap music videos. Right now I am reading “B” is for Burglar by Sue Grafton.


May 20, 2015

This day I am with my parents. Tomorrow is my birthday, but won’t reveal my age. I think there is no need for me to. I was watching the documentaries of UFC fighters. I am starting to watch it and will try to know their names. Before a long time ago I used to watch UFC fights. Most of them I’ve watched were the California Kid’s fights. I am interested in watching Kurt Cobain’s last days. His documentary is on Netflix. The game I am most interested in is the Cleveland Cavaliers v. Atlanta Hawks game. I want to see who is going to win that Eastern conference championship series. Game 1 starts tonight. I feel much calmer, and relaxed. Yesterday I have been reading Jackie Smith’s novel Boy Band. I will be out with my parents going out tomorrow on my birthday. I was thinking about what I should do in order to lift weights seriously. I am not concerned about it, because I will do it somehow. I saw American Sniper and loved it. I will say to myself that American Sniper is now my favorite movie. That is how much I have enjoyed watching it, because it is a true story. I am working on the computer with my dad’s architecture work. I still seal the architecture plans.

Ghosts in my Mind

Dear diary,

My name is Stephen Lurks. I didn’t feel happy these past few years. My whole families and friends noticed that I haven’t had good times with them. I feel as if ghosts have invaded my mind. They make me gloomy and miserable. I almost lost my job as a dentist, because of it. They wanted to know why I felt so depressed. I told them that I have felt ghosts in my mind making me sad all through my life. They all laughed at me, but something out of the ordinary happened. My ghosts came out of my brain. My friends and families were surprised that I am actually telling the truth. They soon believed me, and were no longer laughing, but something heroic has occurred. My friends and families fought back against my ghosts and I fought back against those supernatural beings, as well. The ghosts went away and a few weeks after I turned happy. My friends and families are now convinced that I am happy and positive.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Lurks

Having a Perfect Memory can be Painful Sometimes

You can’t have a perfect memory for the rest of your life. The reason I am saying is because you’ll remember the painful memories as well. Just try to remember the happy times you’ve had in your life. I don’t get that some people need to remember the negatives in order not to do bad things again. You can think about not doing bad things again, and still not remember the painful memories. The bad stuff in your life isn’t going to make you positive. In fact it makes you arrogant and a struggling person. The struggles are the most you’ll remember. This isn’t the way to change your life. Try to build positive new memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Try to leave the painful pasts behind. Live for today. It takes day by day to forget all those awful past events you have bunched up in your mind.

Today on May 17, 2015

I have watched TV most of this day. I have read books. Today was a day where I got to relax, but will read the course I once took before. I help my dad with his architecture work on the computer, and seal his plans for his clients. I have watched Damages and it is a very good series. I have watched the movie Selma. I will go into another writing online class, but that won’t be later until on August. I have enough time to read and study the course I once took last month. When I finish the Brad Thor novel. I will read the Sue Grafton novel, which is next on my reading list. I have tons of things to read that I won’t be able to do anything right now. I am busy on my schedule. I have watched the NBA on two very good teams in the playoffs. The Los Angeles Clippers v. the Houston Rockets. Houston has eliminated the Clippers. It wasn’t real close, but the series was very competitive, and one team advanced by one game differential. It was a very good series. Now I get to see the east and west finals of the NBA playoffs, which I hope both won’t disappoint. I think it won’t is my lucky guess. The class I took was Mystery Writing, and know much of it now.

God didn’t put you here to Fool Around

When you are an adult some of you want to do foolery. God didn’t send you on Earth to fool around. He put you here to make a difference, and get along with all races of color. Why do we fight over small stuff? Small stuff doesn’t matter at all. Some people mistreat certain people. Even some sons and daughters mistreat their caring parents. I think there should be a stop to fooling around. If some haven’t changed of not fooling around, then those fools should be punished. I think this world is much better without people who do foolery. God hates people who love to fool around. He doesn’t reward them, but make them pay the price. I think it is best to understand people with person’s language. This always works. If we do this, then everything is fine. God loves people who don’t make a big deal out of little things. God wants us to love each other. Let God guide you by not listening to the Devil. If some listen to the Devil, let them get in trouble. You’ll see that they will have huge problems forever. Most of us love people who do care. God gave you a gift, and that is love.

Today on May 15, 2015

Right now I took a walk around the neighborhood with my dad. We were talking about the NBA and superheroes. Outside is beautiful. I got to see a squirrel going up to the tree. I am excited of the television series of Super Girl. Yesterday I was at a party with my parent’s friends. It was a get together. We were talking about stuff. I saw on my phone that the Cleveland Cavaliers have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. They beat the Chicago Bulls in six games in the east semis of the NBA playoffs. I am surprised. I am now taking it easy at home, and the same as usual reading. I took another class, which I’ll begin in August. My favorite UFC fighter is Ronda Rousey. She is a great fighter. She won a fight in a matter of few seconds in the UFC match. I like how she fights. Her fighting techniques are neat and cool. I am home alone now. My parents will be back shortly. The fun thing is that I get to relax at home for a few moments alone. It calms my mind and nerves. It helps me think clearly. I like how everything is quiet. I get to think about stuff.