May 27, 2015

Today was a day where I took it easy. I went out to Publix to buy a sub sandwich and the New York Times newspaper. Even if I don’t go out with friends I hang out with my parents. I am not mad about that, and  not to think to myself that I have had it. I just spend my entire life with them and am glad I am with them, even if I stay with them. These are the best times I am with them. Anyway, not to brag about it. I have to be in online writing classes. Not everything is perfect for everyone. It isn’t perfect for me, but I accept it the way it is right now. I have watched TV some of the hours. I am saving up money for emergencies that could happen. I have the right set of mind. It is easy to be picked as the bad person. It has happened to me on some occasions. You could say most of the time. I think I have learned my lessons, even if it doesn’t look like it did. I already did. The only important thing I do right now is not to think of it at all. I am patient on the stuff that are going slowly for me. Even if some of the things are rough on me, I keep it on the positive perspective. Right now I am reading of Michael Jackson. I was thinking of reading about Jodi Arias. I have seen the movie about Jodi Arias before. I think I know how criminals think. Throughout these times I am thinking about my writing. Even if the majority of the people don’t care, I still write to get better, understand it more, be prepared, and improve on it. Anyway, I don’t think like some people that life is tough. I just think that there are obstacles along the way. Definitely, I have much obstacles ahead in my path, but I can overcome it. I know this because I have faith, and can overcome it. I think of my own originality. When I see movies, read books, and watch shows. I see open ideas that I can use further ahead. My life is fine, and am working on all of the edges. The world is tough, but I can overcome much of my problems. I have changed most of my bad manners and mean personality. I don’t have them anymore. I think to myself of things that will be resolved for me. Much of my life is of overcoming and resolving. I have faith and am positive that all will be successful.

2 thoughts on “May 27, 2015

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