Goran Stetpark Meets Bigfoot

Dear dairy,

Hi, my name is Goran Stetpark. One day I stepped into the forest where I can’t be allowed in. It is illegal for pedestrians to just barge in it. Bigfoot was inside with all the furry little animals around him. Those are his friends. He told me to join him, and not to be sacred. I accepted the offer and went. I ask him if he’s a danger to us humans. He responds that he isn’t that he means no harm to anybody. I tell that most of the authorities are after him, because of him being a danger to the people. He knows. He explains that he isn’t the type of monster they view of him. I’m starting to get convinced that he’s telling the truth. We had a long talk about life, and I tell him of my adventures. He is friendly. At least, in my view. Well, we both departed our separate ways. I was back at my home from the long walk of the forest. A year later, I’ve heard and saw in the news that the police squad has just shot and killed my friend Bigfoot. I started to mourn Bigfoot’s death. Right then, and there I felt sorry for him, but he’s in a better place.

Sincerely yours,

Goran Stetpark

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