August 27, 2015

I have walked a mile with my dad around my neighborhood. Today in Miami it was grey and cloudy. We went to do errands afterwards. We got back home around noontime, and stayed at home. It was a heavy thunderstorm and then, a few hours later the day cleared. It turned into a bright beautiful day. It was blue with white clouds. I don’t know if some more will come, but it is hurricane season this year in Florida.

We bought lots of water. We have enough water to give us support.

I was working at the computer doing the architecture plans. I was reading also. I studied in an online class.

Yesterday I was watching about sprites that cause lots of lightning above clouds. They are lights that hover above the clouds in space to bring much lightning on Earth. They look beautiful. They look like jellyfish with lights. They aren’t creatures, but lights that cause clouds to burst much lightning. Some of the scientists took pictures of them, and they look incredible. It is amazing.

Today I was watching about Multiverses, and universes. I am learning much from astronomy. They say that a multi-verse is a place where they carry universes lined-up in every direction. They look like round balls that carry galaxies. It is much to take in, but love it.

Right now I am thinking of what I am learning about the Cosmos.

I was reading Blacklist by Brad Thor. I am half-way into it. I am thinking about reading The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking. I love how astrophysicists explain astronomy. My favorite scientist is Albert Einstein. He made wonderful and great discoveries. Sadly, he died in 1955. I think he was 63 years old around that time. R.I.P. Albert Einstein. He was pondering around an important question he made of I think of general relativity, but I could be wrong. Maybe, he was pondering another question, which including an importance on science.

I want to read so many histories of the world. I love European history and American history. I want to read about Alexander the Great, which I have. Events that have happened before that shaped the world of how it is right now.

Well, I hope most of you are happy and enjoying life as I am. Being happy and loving others is the best thing. Hating people is the worst you can do, because it is venom in your veins. Love wins. Always.

I will read instead of watching TV. I have so many writing reference books that I will love to read. It keeps me up to date on the craft of writing. What I will say is do what makes you happy. I know I am. I am blessed. Stay safe, my friends! 🙂

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