Movies I Love!

I love Al Pacino and Robert Deniro movies. They are awesome! The best movies they were in so far were The Godfather Trilogy movies. I especially loved the remake of Scarface. Anything that is about crime and cops involved I love to watch. I have the whole Godfather movies in one set DVD box. It’s there if I want to watch it. I also have the movie American Gangster starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Those movies are great and awesome. Another movie I liked much is Once Upon A Crime in America. This was an excellent movie.

I was reading books today.

I used to like Star Wars when I was a kid, but still love it as an adult. I think other movies we outgrow them, but adult movies, and science fiction we never outgrow them.

I loved American Hustle. I can’t wait to watch the last Hunger Games movie when it comes digital available!!!

The best movie I love so far, which is my favorite is American Gangster, and of course Freedom Writers (because I’m a writer.)

I saw Blood Ties a few days ago and liked it.

One movie I love from history, which is fiction is called Dances With Wolves. I love that movie. Kevin Costner gave a best performance in it. It is a touching movie.

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