Be Happy And The Next Year Will Be Great For Most Of You

I am happy for everything in my life and am proud of myself. It is hard for me to lose weight, since there is much food in restaurants, commercial ads, and sugary drinks attracts most people like us. But, I am trying to use my willpower against it. One thing that I do is try not to think of foods and drinks all the time. I know this is difficult for most of you, but you can get old and wrinkly while your still fat. It will be harder to do things when your are much older, and can’t do the things you’ve once did before. Eating much foods and drinking cool drinks isn’t cool. I will have a stop on that, but am not obese. This is a very good thing, but still need to lose all of my weight. I will do much exercise and will start again to lift weights and do abdominals. I don’t want to get fooled by sugary drinks and foods when they appear. Fat foods and drinks fool everyone. This time it won’t fool me in the future. I want to drink lots of water.

I have done my class homework. I feel like I have done a good short story. I am focused on my grammar. For all of you I advise you to lose weights and exercise all the time. We won’t be here much longer, so give your full effort to live life, rather then regretting it. Be happy, because you don’t want to be a grumpy old person thinking negative.

This year is great for me, and the next year will be better. I am thinking about exercises and weights. I am fully obsessed over those two important things.

The movie and novel that should be number one is The Godfather. It should be in the literature world and movie world. I know all those characters are bad guys, but it is beautifully written and the movie is well-directed and perfectly-produced. The perfect novel and movie. I know also, that it involves the mafia in both genre, but I love those movies. The best movie and novel of all-time. This is how I view it and it is my opinion.

It is very hard to write a novel like Gone With The Wind, but you have to remember it was written in the early 20th century. Yet it is a great novel and the movie itself is beautiful. I think that the author has stayed true to its novel. She has created characters that will be loved for a lifetime. I think this novel should be number two in the literary entertainment, and then third comes the Harry Potter novels.

I don’t know if the category rankings are correct, but it is how I view it. I feel about my rankings from my experience as a writer. Most of you can disagree with me, and can have your very own rankings of novels and movies. Be happy, stay safe and happy. The Next year shows much promise for the most of us.

5 thoughts on “Be Happy And The Next Year Will Be Great For Most Of You

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