August 24, 2015

I did my errands. I have walked a mile around my neighborhood.

I have watched The Fabric of the Cosmos today. I find it that I understood most of the stuff they were discussing. I now understand how the cosmos is weird and strange. The laws are far stranger.

It is raining right now. I am at home happy.

I did my homework and found it to be educational. I learned much things about writing a fantasy story. I find it that it isn’t as simple as some might think it is.

I am happy for the plants, because it is raining. They are receiving their food. They love this day, because they are receiving water.

I was learning how to drive and now am comfortable driving. Don’t have much experience, but am learning. I am a late bloomer for driving. I know it sounds funny to some of you, but have no problem with it whatsoever.

It all seems so dark at my home. The clouds make it so when the day gets cloudy with grey clouds. Yesterday I was watching a documentary of Charles Manson, and now know part of his story. It shows that he used the 60’s culture to kill people and be an idealist for the decade. It is a very bizarre documentary.

It takes a lot of studying about vampires and wolves to write novels involving them. The best example is Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I think these novels are easy to read. It is for young adults, but anyone can read them.

J.K. Rowling has found success with the Harry Potter saga. She has written a novella from the Harry Potter novels. She did the smart move to market these books. In my view it was the best move from her.

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