August 22, 2015

I have walked a mile with my dad. I am going to seal the architecture plans. Yesterday I worked architecture work in my dad’s computer. I did my dad’s errands.

It came to me that I seem to understand astronomy, nut not all of it, and most of it. I know, which means a lot. But, not the quantity I would love to know. I guess I have to be satisfied with what I already know, because some other people don’t know it as much as I do. Astronomy is beautiful, but you have to understand mathematics, as well.

There is a lot I need to do. I need to do my class homework, which I will get right on it. The grammar I am studying it, and now love it. I love words, and all of literature. I am obsessed with it.

This is a short brief post, so I will be signing-off, and writing-off for today. Stay safe, friends!!! 🙂

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