Time can’t be Changed and Stopped

Most of us are interested about changing our pasts’ for the good of our interest. However, time can’t be changed and stopped. Time moves along when it doesn’t care about our opportunities. Whatever you haven’t done to succeed before is already lost in time lapses of the past events. In science fiction movies in some we see time being stopped by not moving, even a single pulse of anything. It is nice to go back to our past to change it, so we can lead awesome lives, but it isn’t reality. The real thing is that you have to do something today to change your life is by taking advantage of it right at this moment. I know we see our past events in our minds, and this is the only time travel possible. In our minds only. It is not the time travel you’ve expected, and it isn’t even close. You just remember of what happened before, is imagining itself again. The vision in your brain is replaying the past events. Another thing we are introduced of time being stopped in some science fiction movies. The reason time stops there is because that person wants to change his or her life. The other thing is by stopping dangerous events from happening. In reality this doesn’t happen. We need to go on with our lives by stop regretting and crying over things we didn’t take opportunities from before. What we can do is learn from our pasts. We can only be fascinated about changing time and itself being stopped. We can only envision it, but never will it ever be attempted. It will be dangerous if these two subjects falls into enemies’ hands. But, it is fictional. We leave it to watch movies of this nature of time travel, and time being stopped. I think we are far better off not having those two fictional things most people wish for. I know some have good intentions of it, but reality is it won’t ever happen.

4 thoughts on “Time can’t be Changed and Stopped

  1. I bet if I could go back and do things again, I would make the same mistakes. I’m still me. I would have picked a different mother-in-law, and the second one most probably would have turned out just as bad. If that’s possible. Maybe we are destined to follow our assigned paths in life.

  2. I think we we all wish we could go back in time. But as you mentioned (at least currently, impossible) However we do have some VERY wise advise from the top 5 regrets of the dying ( a bit morbid I know)

    1- I wish I had the courage to be true to myself and not what others wanted me to be. (hard to do, but good advise)

    2- I wish hadn’t worked so hard! (I have wished this since my first paycheck)

    3- Wish I had the courage to express my feelings (so many movies made about this, maybe something to think about with the in-laws)

    4- I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends (does facebook count?)

    5- I wish that I had let myself be happier. (I don’t know why this is last on this list, this should be #1)

    So focus on these things and we may not need to travel back to the past after all. Now traveling to the future… well that’s still good science fiction.

    Good post!

    • Some people argue that they want to go to the past for their own good interest, but I think it is better living for today, because time travel will never be possible. I think if we let out the negatives out the window, and live right now, than we can be happy and positive. 🙂

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