Aliens Have Accomplished Their Mission

Most people want to discover that if there is life in other planets. The answer is: yes. But, they are hidden in places where we can’t reach them, and see them for discovery. This will be the number 1 toughest assignment for NASA always. The aliens already have accomplished their mission, according to some Scientifics is to create civilizations of humans, and animals. I think we should thank them, instead of finding them to thank them for our species. They want to be left in peace. They don’t feel anything of us finding them. I think that we need to stop looking for them, because we will always fail at it. Instead we should be grateful for them for creating us. We can do anything we want, and make our dreams come true. One other reason for this is that there are other universes where we yet won’t ever go there. We are reaching for the impossible looking for them. Let me ask most of you one question. Why are most of you still looking for aliens? But, yet you won’t give me a right answer. I think it is pointless. I thank the aliens, because we can get along of any race. God is love, and the aliens do understand that. I think we should let it go of finding them. I will let it go, because for me it is pointless. It may be that we will see them, or we probably won’t. In my opinion: give it a rest. You can still talk about aliens, and there’s no harm in that. I think it is an interesting subject. What I think of aliens is just a belief of them. I don’t go there thinking that they might come, or they become discovered by us. If we exists, then they probably do. It’s just that simple. I don’t come looking for them. I know in my clear mind that they probably are there somewhere. They won’t come to any of us with harm, if they decide to come to our home planet.


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