Happiness comes from Within You


happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It doesn’t matter how old you were when you felt depressed your entire life, because you can start being happy at any age. I have always believed in order to be happy your inner self has to feel positive, and happy. There are some people average or famous that are depressed, and never get happy. It’s all in your mind, and you’re getting your mind to beat you. You have to think happy and feel happy. I don’t believe in wasting your life on negative events, and bad people. The first thing to do is stop hanging around with the wrong crowd, and give in to the right crowd who will support you. I have seen people die, because they have done harm to their bodies, and were always negative. Me? I have been depressed for a time, but I have learned to be happy in my inner-self, and outer-self. I enjoy watching movies, reading novels, history books, and going out. I know it is real hard for you at this time, but at the end of that outcome, you will be positive, then you will laugh at it. You need to pick yourself up, and do things on your own, don’t depend on people to do things for you. Begin to be independent, and then you will feel happy. We all were lost about whether to feel bad or happy, but there are consultants for that. There has got to be something from you that you have succeeded in your life, and made you feel positive.