Underground Ghost Towns

"He met with a severe fall" from Wal...

“He met with a severe fall” from Wallace Goldsmith’s illustrations to Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buried beneath the surface are ghosts living underground towns.  I feel them in the underground soil of my planet. This dimensional line is real tricky to go in. I have tried to discover this underground town of town homes, which ghosts are living in. It  isn’t impossible to try to get there, but it needs much practice and concentration. I have a vivid imagination of how this place looks like.

My name is Harry Stockbraker and am a physicist. But, today I am somewhat puzzled of ghosts living underground down below planet Earth. This is another dimension I can’t get into. Every time I try to get there I fail by not being transported there. My mind sees a town like the England place of Europe but with town homes owned by ghosts. They greet each other by walking by the sidewalks.

I think this world does exist. I tell my friends and family about this underground connection but they don’t believe me. They aren’t convinced that it really does exist. Well, I am trying my hardest to go there and convince them. The closest to where I got there is in my mind. It does exist. If I was there it will be only for a millisecond of my time. A flash of seeing the place and its planet is fresh in my memory.

I drew a map of how the towns look like and drew the ghosts. When I showed it to my friends they told me that I am very creative, but aren’t convinced, and also tell me that I should be an artist. I wasn’t there for a career, because I already have one. But, still my friends think I am looney-tunes about the whole fiasco idea.

In this real world I am the laughing stock of the city. I am still trying to prove to friends, families, and strangers that this world does do exist. I don’t know how to get there and get my message across to them in doing so. I want to prove to them to this point.

About Heather O’Rourke and The Poltergeist Trilogy

English: Heather O'Rourke Español: Heather O'R...

English: Heather O’Rourke Español: Heather O’Rourke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Poltergeist (25th Anniversary E...

Cover of Poltergeist (25th Anniversary Edition)

I remember since I was a kid in 1982 the movie I wanted to watch the most was Poltergeist. Heather O’Rourke the child actress was Carol Anne Freeling in the movie. She was a very nice kid and was like any other normal girl. The movies were great and well done. Each three movies were directed by different directors. The series was about the Freeling family being haunted and tormented by ghosts that were buried underneath their suburban home of California. The first movie was the best of them all. A girl called Carol Anne communicates through a TV to ghosts and the spiritual being the Beast teleports her to another dimension in her brother’s closet. The psychologists investigate the Freeling’s home and bring a spiritual benign named Tangina to bring their daughter back to her parents. The 3 movies were great to watch. However, when I saw the last movie Poltergeist 3 I have heard bad news that Heather O’Rourke has died. It was said that she threw up several times and fainted. Before she seemed fine. Well the last sequel of the series was awesome. Heather O’Rourke will always be remembered of the little girl taken by the ghosts and a spiritual being called The Beast. I have felt sad as a kid that she is no longer with us. She was a bright and decent girl. She passed away real young. The first Poltergeist movie is the best so far. You can always see these movies, because it is about ghosts that are bad. The new movie reboot of The Poltergeist will come out next year. Hopefully this new reboot of the classic will be the same blockbuster it once was in the 80’s.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Ghosts in Milan, Chapter One - n.1

Ghosts in Milan, Chapter One – n.1 (Photo credit: Lollomelo)

One thing that crosses our minds is that maybe ghosts loom all over the world. Do you think in one fact that there are no ghosts? Is it make believe? Some of us want to believe it or not. However, ghosts is an interesting topic to talk about. When we have some of our family members no longer with us we think they still are with us to protect us and they are. In most movies they have seemed that some ghosts are bad and some are good. Some of the shows in them are about that they are here for a reason. In time we find out what that reason is. However, I think they are trying to reach us to be back with us. Our understanding is that they are resting with God and they want you to go on with life. In movies ghosts are evil trying to attack us and in others they helps us with our own personal problems. It is indeed an interesting topic. I believe that my family ancestors protect me from anything, which clearly all people think so of theirs also. We also protect ourselves. Maybe, they are trying to reach for a loved one they can’t get back to or they want to live life again. It has never crossed people’s mind about this theory. Well, this might seem silly to talk about. Maybe it is or it isn’t. You can pick either one. I still think ghosts are friendly. But, who knows if you ever cross one.

Elvis Presley Still Rocks!?!?

English: A photograph promoting the film Jailh...

English: A photograph promoting the film Jailhouse Rock depicts singer Elvis Presley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Elvis had died I didn’t memorize the year of his last days. I love his music and movies. My name is Davis Horton, and am a huge fan of Elvis Presley. In the year of his last year of his life he sang on concert I was there, but it wasn’t theoretically his last one. In fact he still stages concerts in the present living as a ghost. I went to all of his current concerts, and have met him as a ghost. It is very weird for me to watch him like this. Well, Elvis keeps telling me of his jokes he makes with his girlfriends. My thoughts are this is how he gets his sense of humor by teasing with them kindly and friendly. The songs I hear on his concert are Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, Suspicious Minds, and many others. He even invited me on stage and we both sang his songs to his whole audience. True, but yes strange. Backstage is entirely different, because the sexy new attractive girls have a liking and loving to the King Of Rock. As him as a ghost? True. Am I going to faint he is still here? Most likely, and believe it, No. But, being shocked? Yes, definitely. He invited me to his home in Memphis, Tennessee to see some of his movies he acted on. The home is no longer for tourists, because right now in this moment he actually lives there as a ghost, and his fans are fine with it. I have woken in a dream of thinking this is quite strange, but yet the great experience I have ever had. I won’t ever wake up from this one.

Ghost Doctor Sam

English: Chicago, Illinois. In the waiting roo...

English: Chicago, Illinois. In the waiting room of the Union Station Français : Salle des pas perdus de l’Union Station de Chicago, Illinois, USA. 日本語: アメリカ合衆国イリノイ州シカゴのユニオン駅の待合室にて。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Phil Asbim,

I am regarding of how you told me that there is something wrong with you. I have heard your story that you have been murdered by two criminals who gunned you down at a dead-end alley. Well, it seems to me that you are still crying over the same situation all the time, since it already happened long ago. First, is to forget about it. Second, is they have been arrested and your family and friends have had justice in your trial a long time ago. I don’t know what is your complaint. On the other hand you are scaring all the people in Chicago, Illinois to death. I know that you don’t mean any harm, but take my advice go back to Heaven and rest in peace. I don’t know what your relationship with your wife will be, her alive, and you as a ghost. Let me rephrase that go back to Heaven. The angels are waiting for you, and the bad guys are in Hell. Give up your sobbing for your family will join you up there soon enough. Take it easy is my prescription for you.

One Advice: You have your justice already, and don’t worry!

Sincerely yours,

Ghost Doctor Sam Guzman

Dalton’s Trip to Ghost World

Cover of the 2-disc keepcase set

Cover of the 2-disc keepcase set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dalton has crossed to another dimension, which is the ghost world. He sees many ghosts doing the same things humans would do in the real world. The TV was all filled with ghost events. He never knew that there were ghost sports, and the news is reported by ghost reporters.

All the things had the resemblances of ghost things. He saw completely a different country filled with things that can actually be touched and held. It wasn’t a pleasant sight for him to experience, and all the ghosts walking the New York ghost neighborhood looked at him rather odd. They had never seen a thing like him before.

But, they walked by as if it is a normal day. The cars were shaped of ghosts. It’s completely in different images. He didn’t know that things like cars, streets, and the sky could look so ghostly. He is completely stuck in this dimension. He has no alternative but to marry a woman ghost or girl ghost. It is the opposite of planet Earth. Instead this is the ghost planet Earth.

Dalton had to settle for this lifestyle, and he sees that he suddenly has ghost money in his wallet inside his pockets of his ghost pants. Well, this is a curse he can’t get out of, and has to forget about his normal world, because it no longer exist.

Writing to my Ghost Grandfather

Number 27 GARDNER, Joseph John

Number 27 GARDNER, Joseph John (Photo credit: State Records SA)

Dear Grandpa Dan,

This is your grandson Joseph Gardner. The last time you have visited was when you scared the heck out of my parents, by showing up as a ghost. I never thought you will ever come back, and tell me to write you this letter. Well, I’ll be advising the angel to give it to you. Once I place it on the desk in your once was your room. Thanks for the memories when you helped me to stand up to those bullies when I wanted to play football with them. They weren’t real friends. I realized that my friends were the ones close to my age, who helped me many times in my life. I sometimes see you wondering around inside our home, and have tried calling out to you to give you a hug, but I have scared you easily. Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. How is it up there in Heaven? Someday I will be joining you sharing your glory with God. As well as mine with you. Well, here I am taking care of my parents, and told them the great news that I am getting married with Lorrie Stanton. They are very proud of me. I have missed you very much, and still love you. Hopefully, you’ll come visit us here as a ghost, but don’t worry about us being scared. It’s just human nature, and we want to just have a friendly chat with you like old times. Here in the United States they welcome ghost relatives to come visit their families, and friends in all states. I am not frightened by your appearance anymore, but have embraced it, and care for you. Things are fine for me here in real life dimension, and my job is as a computer consultant. Soon, you will talk to my fiancée to meet her for the very first time. I am going to advise one of your angels to send this letter to you in heaven. We all love you. Bye!!! I’ll come up there and see you soon!!! Many wishes to you!!!!

Sincerely Yours,

Joseph Gardner

Are Ghosts Real?

The '68 Comeback Special produced "one of...

The ’68 Comeback Special produced “one of the most famous images” of Presley.Keogh 2004, p. 263. Taken on June 29, 1968, it was adapted for the cover of Rolling Stone in July 1969.Keogh 2004, p. 263.Rolling Stone 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking about ghosts being real is hard to imagine. We tend to see our dead relatives as ghosts, and our parents believe us. They tell us did you greet them, and we would say of course we did. How do we know if ghosts or the paranormal exist? Would it be frightening? In this case Yes and No. We have crossed some days, which we have seen ghost celebrities like Elvis Presley, and Amy Whinehouse. We don’t know for sure if this is true. Most of us believe that this is all an illusion, and that mind tricks us. I have always thought of my deceased family helps me in this dangerous, and safe world any way they can. Most of us say that we protect ourselves all of the time, which this might be the partial truth. Some people imagine that they have seen a person they know that used to be their friend, before the tragic accident happened to him or her. The occult simply believes these things that there are ghosts. I can’t tell you if it is true about ghosts looming around our neighborhood, and other places. All I could tell you is that stranger things have happened out of the impossible. A question comes like this: Have you seen the ghost of Michael Jackson? You would say “Of course not silly!” In this case I am right. The reality of the world is that there are real ghost investigators trying to rid of ghosts in peoples homes, stores, and anywhere else. They may come in two ways they want to haunt us or they want to apologies for all the horrible things they did to us. However, you would look silly talking about ghosts being real in front of skeptics. And believe me there are all skeptics out there. People tackle this theory most of the time. They just simply don’t wish to believe in such rubbish. Want to know what? I don’t know if I could believe it for it is very personal to all of us. However, silly that may sound. You might laugh at all this silly nonsense. But, how do we know whether to believe it or not? I am here to just tell about this theory that it goes in two ways from people’s perspectives.

The Paranormal

Paranormal Smoke

Paranormal Smoke (Photo credit: Nicky Pallas)

We all have different reactions of the paranormal; I thought that I’ve had that experience before. Many time I’ve heard a thump on the door without anyone present outside by the door near my home; no one present at my door. I’ve heard lots of peculiar stories and started to wonder if I should believe it. However, you do anything it’ll be the most talked about topic; some will say is real, while others say is a hoax. My life is simple enough to say that I have lived it. My experiences are normal, but I don’t know about yours. You’ll probably say that you’ve had that weird experience; in fact there’s a heaven and a hell; also a limbo. We don’t know where we’re headed, but you’ll rather prefer Heaven. The problem is that God doesn’t release spirits that once lived in our lifetime or before. So, how are we to say that these ghosts are haunting us? And are they coming to us friendly or hateful? In this case the answer is: No. There’s not quite evidence to judge anyone by their real life experiences; a lot of impossibles have happened in our time, and it’ll continue to happen. So far, we’ve solved one thing: that not all things are impossible; everything is doable. In my mind the paranormal happenings should be considered, I think this has to be kept secret, if not then we’ll be at the funny farm or at a mental hospital. My advice is to keep it to yourself.