Be Family and Friends with Your Parents!

One advise I would tell some of you who are angry with your parents and hate them. Just bond with them. Most of the time teens don’t understand their parents at all, but your parents want the best for you. Remember back from the time when you were a kid, and told them that you’re never going to be upset with them. Most of us have problems and some of us get angry and hate them. Stop the hate! Love and care for them. They aren’t going to be around for you so long. This is a time of bonding with them. They’re the ones who care for you. They want you to get help, and not to have your life in total chaos. Just listen to them and let them help you. There’s no reason for hate and anger. I think some of you should settle your differences. However, you or your parents are wrong about some things try to understand each other. Maybe, the person that is wrong is you. Think before you make a huge mistake that will cost your life. Think twice about it and take their advice! Listen from a grown adult that has been there, and not from someone who really doesn’t care. Listen to those who do. Your life can be turned around. It’s never too late to change your life!

Do You Need Ghosts To Help You? But, Help Yourself first, too!

If you want some good ghosts to help you. You need to encourage yourself to help yourself, too, and only you. I know this is a hard task, but it is simple. Some ghosts do help you, but they want you to do things on your own, as well. In weird ways they choose the right path for you, but you have to distinguish it that it is for a good use. They don’t encourage you to do bad and evil things. They want for you to have a healthy lifestyle. They don’t mean any harm. Find the right ghosts to help you. Don’t look for ones that give you hopelessness and depression. By finding these certain supernatural beings you need to feel good and happy of yourself. Some of the time they travel inside people giving you helpful advises. By finding good advisable ghosts look at the bright side of life, and then they will offer you help. But, these aren’t the beings that will appear in front of you and want to offer it to you. They give you hints as in the voices in your mind. When a friend helps you and gives you a simple advice. These ghosts repeat it in your mind. I think they shouldn’t be used for wrong purposes, but the right ones. But, don’t come out to people telling them that you saw them, and these supernatural beings are helping you. Keep it to yourself and let them help you. Some are there to guide you, and do things correct.

Creativity Runs in Our Genes

Most of us are motivated people. We feel that extra boost of energy to do things that no one else can. I am creative. We don’t do it out of envy, but of people enjoying our works. Our job is to entertain most people out there. Make them feel like they are at home. I feel the adrenaline rush once I write, and never let it come out of my brain. We are creative. We deserve to be heard, and read. In order to give something out there we need to invent and reinvent. Never let anyone stomp you out of it. Choose the type of thing that needs to be heard and seen. The cover will look as neat and popular as we are. Defining a creative person is like defining a book, or your first biography memoir. Try yourself out there in the wild crazy world we are in. Dare to be bold. Creativity is in our minds always and forever.

God will Always be with Us

I believe in God. God is love. Some of the people say that God isn’t with us, but he is. I have a belief in him. He is all around us. Develop a trust that everything will be well. Other people have a right to believe in whatever. I respect that. I think it is not a person, but something Divine that carries our hopes. We have a sense of making it happen in this world. He starts us with positive vibes, and erases our negatives. I think some people only reflect on the negative. I used to think this way before, but not anymore. We have to have faith in him that we will get through this tough world. Not all of the other places are tough worlds. God welcomes us with friendly people through us we have God in us giving advises to our friends and families. He doesn’t judge and punish people. He gives love and hope. He gives us what we want and need. The most important thing is believe in your own God, which is love and guidance. Whatever happens God is always with us.

Demons are Aliens!

We get confused of the demons not resembling aliens alike, but they are. In fact I think that demons in Hell are aliens. They are just the different types. They are scary and intimidating. They are there to punish bad people who have done evil things. Alien experts explain in the series Ancient Aliens that demons are aliens, and from an entirely different dimension. If we don’t act and play nice we will be sent there. It won’t be pleasant as some of you may think. I think that they are put in Hell for a reason. They serve the Devil. Most of the time artists say that the demons got the best of them. There are different types of aliens. Do I think that demons in our minds exists? Most definitely, Yes! It’s for a fact that if we complain against each other of something. We feel them heating up our minds. They make us upset and think uncomfortable. They don’t just work only in Hell. They work in our minds by perceiving the fake reality on how we view the world. They feed on us being and feeling negative. When we have low self-esteem they work on us full-time, by stealing our lives. This is the way it is when they don’t want us to realize to be happy. They want us to cheat on events. They want us to be sad, and do bad things. In the real world demons win, if we complain and argue all the time. Demons also run on us by giving us hate on certain things, and humans.

Positivism is to Regain It

Once you feel sorry for yourself, you begin to feel that everyone hates you. This is paranoia. No one hates you. Try to regain your positivism back. It doesn’t take one day, but it will be your human effort towards it. I know right now you are thinking to yourself that you can’t, but you can. You just have to trust yourself, but not your mind. Your mind plays tricks on you, and this is why some of you have paranoia. Feeling great about yourself is a huge step towards rebuilding humanity. Try to think of one simple thing to be happy about. It can be your parents loving you. It can be that your plants are happy. One little thing can make you positive again. If I feel out of focus I think of one simple thing to regain positivism back. All of us want to be positive. Don’t be positive for the wrong reasons, but for the right ones. You can regain your positive side by loving and caring for animals. Domestic dogs caring for you is another way for you to feel positive. Positivism is all around us. We just have to use it the right way.

Aliens are here on Earth, but they won’t Harm Us

The Earth won’t be in any danger in our era’s soon, and we won’t be there to witness it. The aliens have bases in underwater lakes. We will not witness what they’ll be doing. But, it is not what most of you think. They are just here to check on us. They’ll be leaving our home planet, once the world comes at peace. They go to Earth from their home planets, and come back to their homes again. After that they come back to their bases here on Earth in underwater lakes. The mysteries are always pondering our questions of why they are here, and why won’t we witness what they’re doing. We mean no harm to them, but everything about aliens and UFO’s is so secret. So far we have discovered many things about them. Some scientists say that Earth will be in danger if they come here. My theory is they are here to make sure that things are okay and we are okay. I don’t think they will be harming us. I think space will do that to us, but in billions, and many billions years later. So, when they are here, there is no reason to push the red button. We don’t notice them coming here. We won’t ever see them in our lifetimes.

A Moment of Kindness & Trust

Most of us are trusting, and kindhearted. Some of us do mistakes like anyone else, but we don’t really mean it. If you have learned from your mistakes, then the worst will be over. You can breathe today, even if yesterday wasn’t your day. Today is your day now. Trust your friends that have your back for you. Be nice with your friends. Act normal, and joke lightly with them. Start a normal conversation and keep it that way. I know it is hard for some lonely people to make friends, because no one wants to talk to them. I have had that problem, and I solved it. The best way to break from it is to realize that you did the wrong things to people you know have gotten hurt from it. Humans are people with feelings, and most of us feel insecure sometimes, but we rise above it. The days come and at the end of the tunnel is a freedom of hope. Once you see the light you see truths and happiness around you. Trust your true friends. Life is fair and not unfair. Keep repeating that to yourself, and you will be optimistic.

Most People Have a Right to Believe in Aliens

I don’t think that if most people believe in aliens that they are crazy to do so. I think most people are normal, if they do believe in aliens. So, why can’t we? This is some of the people’s idiotic thinking that aliens are a figment of our imagination. I think these people are skeptics. You can look around Egypt for them to explain us how did the Pyramids, and the tombs were built in ancient times. They would be clueless of them for not giving us a truthful answer. I still think that aliens do exists, and could care less if some people are skeptical about it. We need to believe in our beliefs, and not someone else’s. Some might say that we have lost our minds, but it’s them that they have lost their  minds by giving up on it very easily. Aliens have helped shape our civilization, even if half of the people disbelieve it. I still think this. If someone tells me that aliens don’t exists, most will likely believe that person. I could care less if this happens, and so should you. If you want to be a believer. It is easy to realize it, and it isn’t hard as other’s may think. In fact aliens have their God just as we do. Most of you have every right to make assumptions of other beings existing in other planets, but don’t listen to the skeptics. People have a right to believe whatever. I believe there are living beings in other planets. However, crazy this may sound to others.

Erase Your Nice Friends’ Negative Past and Forgive Them

Most of us don’t realize that some of the nice people want to make amends to their friends for their mistakes they’ve done in their past. It is easily overlooked by most people. We enjoy whatever is out there, but we don’t approve of them, because of the hurts from them. The people who are nice are the ones who want to be forgiven. They want to be friends again. If we want to change the world. We need to start with those lonely nice people. Who knows? The world will heal once it did before. Be understanding to most of them who want a change for good. This isn’t difficult as may you think. Some of you think they are unreliable and smart-asses. Sorry to use the bad word, but it is spelled this way. Anyways, what I am saying is don’t overlook them by your false accusations of them from the present. Hear them out and take a chance on them. If it does work: great! If it doesn’t then you have every right to be and feel upset: walk away. Taking chances never hurts. It heals the world. We are in many sides of the world: good and evil. We can’t false step on every little thing, just because we depend on small things. I think for those who like sports teams. It goes like your team will win once it did before. You just need to be patient and be a fair sports fan. The same goes for all little things. I sometimes get a little too sensitive, also. You’ll laugh once I tell you, but I will allow you to. It’s no problem for me. When something doesn’t come in the mail like a magazine. I get upset, but now realize it’s no big deal. It’s just a magazine. The only thing is I control my anger towards small things. I learned not to concern with stuff ever. We have to count for people all the time, and not things you will get later, or won’t. Forgive all those nice lonely people for their hurtful mistakes towards you. We are all equal. We are not perfect. We all make mistakes. We are a work in progress. We are happy and positive.