Music Review: “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel

“Big Time” was a song I have enjoyed much a long time ago. I love the silly animation in the music video. It was clay animation in that music video. It made me feel inspired. It makes me feel big and act big. This song is for fun. It encourages you to think smart and positive. I love it because it makes you believe that you can accomplish anything. I enjoy listening to this song. It is loads of wacky fun.

August 12, 2016

I am getting much better at my craft of writing. I feel like my writing is almost understood, but not fully yet. It still has a lot of improvement to do, but am on the right track. I will practice my skills to see where I am at.

I saw a series called Bloodline from Netflix and loved it. It’s about a friendly family who has committed a serious crime.

Right now I don’t think about foods and drinks. I would rather avoid that subject. I was thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I am not wild about foods and drinks like I used to in the past.

I still watch the Science Channel. My favorite show is Through The Wormhole. I love it. I love science. I know that science experts are way smarter than me, but love to listen about astronomy and science. I know some things and am trying to learn from both subjects.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be nice, be cool, don’t intimidate anyone or else you’ll pay the price, be kind, don’t bother anyone, respect people and their interests, be safe, no fights with anyone, and most importantly, behave! 🙂 ❤

Patrick’s Experience In Wonderland

This short piece is narrated from the experience of Patrick Snow. I just wrote this for fun. It isn’t intended for a novel, being novel-wise. I hope that most of you like it.

Patrick Snow’s Narration:

I went into a deep hole inside from a tree reminding me of when Alice did this the last time she went. I see the dirt all around in a circle. A few furry animals come up from nowhere. I am falling down in a hole very slow. The last thing I would expect is a “drink me” drink set on the table.

If my memory sets me correct I probably remember the tale of Alice In Wonderland well. Who am I to know. I wasn’t there. I just read the story. Anyway, I finally landed on the floor. The only problem was that I am smaller than I could imagine.

The table is far much bigger than me than I ever expected. A weird living thing, which is a door knob starts to look at me.

“What do you think? You will guess that I will tell you the same thing Alice has told you, before?” I asked him.

“No. I would rather not for you to speak at all.” the doorknob said

“Well, if I must I will try to start crying to get in there just like she did.” I said

“Anyway, how is little Alice?” the doorknob said

“How am I supposed to know? I don’t even know her.” I said

“Hush, hish, hush, hish.” the doorknob said

“I am not falling for that one.” I said

“Why? Alice did.” the doorknob said

He started to get on my nerves. I started beating the door to get in and it starts breaking apart. Finally my idea starts to work. Like if this was my idea I thought. Well, the door broke wide open and I started to fall into the ocean. I start swimming.

I spotted weird creatures talking while rowing on a small boat. I don’t having normalcy is my luck I thought.


Well, there it is. I hope that most of you have enjoyed it. This was an exercise writing for me. It is my different take on Alice in Wonderland. Don’t worry nothing ever makes sense through the story.


Why We Write

Writers are meant for the world to be entertained and make their fans happy! 🙂

A Platform of Sorts

In all my years spent reading, I have always been drawn to fiction.  My sister loves to read anything and everything, from history to psychology to autobiographies.  I read such books for school, of course, and occasionally for fun, but I always, always go back to fiction.  And for most of my life, I never really knew why that was.  After all, non-fiction is fascinating.  It’s true.  It’s relevant.

But the cool thing about fiction, I realized one day while discussing our varied taste in reading material with my sister, is that it is a world of the writer’s own creation.  Authors of fiction could write anything, and yet they chose to right that particular book.  Those stories and characters would not exist were it not for the author’s decision to write them.  That makes each fiction book, at least in my opinion, something very, very remarkable.

What is…

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September 9, 2016

These past few weeks I have been busy with my online writing class. I haven’t studied grammar, but will get to it soon. I was reading the book On Writing Well for the meantime. I feel that I have gotten better on my craft of writing. I feel like I somewhat make sense in what I write.

I have been walking this week, and will continue to do so. I am not paying too much attention on foods and drinks. Most of the time my interests is on books, movies, sports, and shows. I have skipped on days where I haven’t lifted weights, because of my class I am in, but that is no excuse for me not to do it. There is no excuse for it.

I can and will balance classes, lifting weights, and exercises. I will do all of them by scheduling them 24/7.

I am eager to study grammar. This year anyway will be gone soon enough, and we won’t even feel it. It is always the same thing when we are in the first days of a New Year it feels like it will be long, but it isn’t necessarily the case. I find it by occupying yourself on stuff the year goes at rapid fast as if it really had only a month. It just feels that way for all of us in real life. Crazy how it may sound.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, respect people of all race and their interests, be kind, be safe, don’t trick anyone or else you’ll pay, act normal, and most importantly, behave! 🙂 ❤