August 12, 2016

I am getting much better at my craft of writing. I feel like my writing is almost understood, but not fully yet. It still has a lot of improvement to do, but am on the right track. I will practice my skills to see where I am at.

I saw a series called Bloodline from Netflix and loved it. It’s about a friendly family who has committed a serious crime.

Right now I don’t think about foods and drinks. I would rather avoid that subject. I was thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I am not wild about foods and drinks like I used to in the past.

I still watch the Science Channel. My favorite show is Through The Wormhole. I love it. I love science. I know that science experts are way smarter than me, but love to listen about astronomy and science. I know some things and am trying to learn from both subjects.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be nice, be cool, don’t intimidate anyone or else you’ll pay the price, be kind, don’t bother anyone, respect people and their interests, be safe, no fights with anyone, and most importantly, behave! 🙂 ❤


6 thoughts on “August 12, 2016

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