Why We Write

Writers are meant for the world to be entertained and make their fans happy! 🙂

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In all my years spent reading, I have always been drawn to fiction.  My sister loves to read anything and everything, from history to psychology to autobiographies.  I read such books for school, of course, and occasionally for fun, but I always, always go back to fiction.  And for most of my life, I never really knew why that was.  After all, non-fiction is fascinating.  It’s true.  It’s relevant.

But the cool thing about fiction, I realized one day while discussing our varied taste in reading material with my sister, is that it is a world of the writer’s own creation.  Authors of fiction could write anything, and yet they chose to right that particular book.  Those stories and characters would not exist were it not for the author’s decision to write them.  That makes each fiction book, at least in my opinion, something very, very remarkable.

What is…

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One thought on “Why We Write

  1. Thank you for joining up to with Freedomborn, I hope you will both enjoy and be blessed by what is shared but I was wondering why you chose a Christian Blog, although I sometimes share humor mostly it’s God’s Truth but of course this helps us Mature and have True Inner Joy and Peace regardless of what bad things Life brings .

    I do like good fiction too but not Stories that are focused on the Occult and New Age and so grieve God because of the evil they propagate, I very strongly believe rubbish in rubbish out and I have witnessed this in my own life, having been an Atheist for almost 30 years and in other peoples lives too.

    Blessings – Anne.

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