August 18, 2015

I am in class now. I am learning much things I need to know about the subject of fantasy. It is a fun and learning experience.

I love vampire stories. I have seen The Twilight Series. They were the most fun to get interested in. I am planning to see The Vampire Diaries. Believe it or not I still know where I left off, and it’s been almost a year since I stopped watching it.

Today I will lift weights and do abdominals. The reason I didn’t do it these past few days, is because I got allergic to something. I am fine now. I feel in great shape and spirits.

I will write a short story for all of you to enjoy. I don’t know when it will be posted, but it’s coming shortly.

I went out with my mom to do some errands. It is a beautiful day today. I love the animals I can see when I take a walk around the neighborhood. It is so pleasurable. I get to say hi to my neighbors.

I am watching again The Fabric of the Cosmos all over again. This time I am understanding it much. As many times I repeat seeing it, until I understand it all.

The music that I am listening to is the 60’s American music. I got Paul Anka radio on my Pandora. Before, I didn’t like that kind of music, but now I do. I still love hip-hop and rap, but want to listen to artist like Elvis Presley, Ritchie Valens, Frank Sinatra, and etc. You get the picture. I know you do.

Right now I will practice my writing. I have tons of things to learn from writing. I think this will take years to learn its craft. I have half of it learned. The book I was reading is Writing Great Books for Young Adults.

I am curious of how celebrities lead their lives. It’s entirely different from us average people. Soon enough I am going to be a professional writer, and won’t be average anymore. We are all human.

Right now I feel like reading. I am signing off-writing for now.

About Harley Quinn And The Joker

It looks like The Joker has a girlfriend and her name is Harley Quinn. I love this character. She represents the same thing the Joker does is to hurt people’s feelings, while having fun with it and do serious crimes in Gathom City. I think Harley Quinn won’t disappoint the fans in the new movie “The Suicide Squad“. I will definitely watch, but only when it comes on DVD. She is a bad girl criminal in this new movie upcoming in theaters near you. I think both of these characters will be fun to watch them fighting crime. It’s a whole other different kind of entertainment. She is playful in a dangerous manner. I think if you fall in love for her, she might hurt you badly. She is in the same category as the Joker, but she is a female, which is worse for Batman. We always knew about the Joker. I love how he humiliates Gotham City Citizens. He has his girlfriend to add it up more for fun. He will laugh once he hurts the bad guys with entertainment. Harley Quinn is up to the task as well.

August 14, 2015

Today I have gone on my errands with dad. Suddenly there are a few characters I really like from the Batman franchise. They are Catwoman, The Joker, and of course, Batman. I used to hate the joker before, but I have changed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, but I still don’t like to hurt people. I hate the idea of it! I think people should be respected. But, for me I like the Joker, because he’s entertaining. I just like those characters, because they are colorful. It is so much fun action between Batman and the Joker. Without the Joker in the Batman Universe, movies, comics, and shows won’t sell.

I am in another class, and am doing remarkably well. This is the only class I will be doing for this year. After that is serious studying, and taking a break on vacation.

Today I was thinking of also studying grammar. I walked today a mile and saw friendly neighbors saying hello to me and dad. I feel great once I walk around the neighborhood. I get to see people, trees, homes, and feel the weather that is nice outside.

I have finally finished watching the second season of Suits. I am on the third season.

I think that new type of movies added, which is great. You get to see something different, so it won’t be the same boring stuff all the time. I think Hollywood and showbiz get creative in much ways. They breath deep in their minds of imagination. I do that as well, too.

I have weird nightmares sometimes. Believe me adults do get some frightening nightmares when they sleep, and it is not just kids, and teens. In other words you already know this.

Well, I am writing-off. In the meantime later, friends!

August 11, 2015

I am writing my memoirs. I haven’t walked today. I was studying writing reference books. I went to do errands with my dad. I picked up the architectures plans with dad. I sealed the plans and worked at the computer.

I watched Suits and some news at ESPN.

Tomorrow is the day I start class. I am ready, but not thinking about it. I still have the New York Times paper I bought yesterday. I have read the main cover paper. Almost all of it.

I was watching The Fabric of the Cosmos and am learning it. I will watch it the third time to make more sense of it. It needs to be seen lots of times to understand astronomy. You can’t learn it in a month. It takes months and years to learn it. I want to grasp the knowledge of it. But, it doesn’t mean I want to be an astrophysicist. No. I will be a professional horror writer. Science is my hobby of reading and watching.

Today the day in Miami was beautiful, and yesterday I got to see Blue Jays. They were near my window fooling around on the tree. They are so beautiful to see. The squirrels come from time to time in my neighborhood once I walk around the mile. But, right now there is a heavy storm at this moment. I don’t plan at all to go outside. I would prefer indoors.

It’s almost Halloween and my nephews I think will be dressed in costumes. They are big now. There are so many events in my family I need to attend to. I prefer to keep it to myself.

August 10, 2015

I have read books and watched TV. I did exercise and lifted weights. It’s great that I want to learn grammar. It is the best feeling. I was watching Suits and almost done with season 2.

I was thinking about the history books I have and they are interesting. Some are on World War II, Civil War, Lindbergh, and Albert Einstein. I admire much Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. I know they’re not of my career genre, but do like what they did for science. Those are geniuses.

The characters on some novels are troubled souls who did nothing wrong on others. The writers have made them this way. Well, not all characters are that way. I think of Hercules of how he conquered his problems. And of Marty Mcfly, Jr., how he saved his dad’s life from bullies. Of how Celie finally overcame Mister by not being enslaved. I know some novels like The Road are pessimistic, but are interesting to read. You don’t need to read all of them, and just one is fine. Anyway I think that by choosing, which books you will read fantasy, horror, or drama is satisfying. Get your hands on what interest you most.

The books in the past I used to read were horror novels, and history books. They still are. Now I like horror novels, true crime books, biographies, and history books. In movies my all-time favorite now is American Gangster, and Freedom Writers is still on that list as well.

I sometimes take a load of violent movies, horror novels, and true-crime novels to watch Astronomy shows and to read them as well. I sometimes go for the drama as Suits. I am in season two going to season 3.

You’ll Get Those Stuff Later (Don’t Cry Over It)

When we were kids we wanted to see movies that we thought are awesome. But, our parents didn’t let us go the first day. What’s the rush? No rush. No worries. No panics. I think that we take small things real serious, like if it is an emergency to get a new toy. If we don’t get it we start complaining and crying over it. Calm down. You’ll get that toy, or see that movie later. If someone tells you you’re going to Italy with them and there is a movie premiering at the cinema near your home. You will rather pick that movie over that trip, while others will choose going to visit Italy. Look! A movie is just a movie. A book is just a book. A toy is just a toy. They are just things to enjoy them whenever you have time. When you can’t do those simple things, you will end up doing it later, and you will have fun with it. Even if you’re seeing the movie seven days later it came out. I look at it this way the Europe trip is much fun, then seeing a mainstream movie. If you choose correct you will be happy. If you choose incorrect, then you won’t be happy. It is as simple as that! If your parents don’t have time to go to a place you want to go. You will go the other day, and will be happy once you got a CD album of a music artist you like. Everything takes patience. If there is no patience, then there won’t be no fun for you with your new toy. Take everything easy and you’ll feel relieved once you listen to your family’s advice. These advises are for the children, adults, and young adults.

August 9, 2015

I was watching a few episodes of Suits, and read some novels in these few days. I will start on studying grammar again. It feels like I am dedicated to it, and am. I am glad. These several days I was helping my dad out with architecture work on the computer. I sealed some of his plans.

Tomorrow I will keep exercising and lifting weights.

Some of the series I was watching was Criminal Minds, and NCIS.

I won’t be blogging most of the time because of the class I am going to take this week. I will be busy a couple of months, but will be posting somehow. I don’t know how much. It is a class I’ve always wanted to take. Now I got it, and will take advantage of this opportunity.

I was thinking on how I could improve on the craft of writing. The thing is to always write and study. Another thing is to take writing classes. I didn’t let anyone convince me that reading writing reference books are better than writing classes. They are different. Classes are the ones, which you learn and get experience from. Of course I still read writing reference books, but doing both is best.

On Getting Spider-Man Rebooted The Right Way

I saw all of the new Spiderman movies from Marvel comics. I think that Spider-Man 1, and 2, were awesome. I am not pleased of the last movie of the series Spider-Man 3. I thought of it as sloppy drama and action. The other two new Spiderman movies were okay, but the rebooted series has ended quickly. Now they are going to do another reboot of Spider-Man. I hope they get it right. The characters have to have a purpose in the next series. I think that Spiderman needs a new make-over. Spiderman is a cool superhero. My take on it is they would’ve made it better from its originality, like they did in another superhero movie called Batman(1989). In the new decade DC comics perfected Batman. I hope they do the same to Spiderman. I think the director and executive producer needs to go back from scratch. Don’t get me wrong I love all the old Spiderman movies. I think they are cool! I just think it is time that the staff of Marvel Studios need to get it right this time in order for it to be a successful Spiderman trilogy series.

August 6, 2015

I went to my dad’s appointments with his clients on some days. I have worked in the computer doing architecture on his computer. I sealed the architecture plans. Every once a week I go to pick up the plans with my dad.

I have studied grammar today, but will keep on at it. I took a while to read it and study it for half an hour, later I will pick it up again.

I was watching UFC fights, and am surprised that some of them finish their matches in the first or second rounds. They end up like it is not a full fight, but only finishing in like 24 seconds. It’s business usually.

I was thinking about what to do on my spare time. I don’t know. Oh, I already know.

I watch much sports, and the Science Channel. I pick up my time sometimes watched National Geographic Channel.

Once I feel I understand grammar fully. I will be having no problem writing novels. Grammar is a tall task to grasp, but am for the challenge. Some of the compound nouns are coming back to me. I skip through chapters, because It is the only way for me to learn. Whatever I feel like learning is what I will do, but will read the whole book.

I don’t like going to the movies much, but rather spend time preparing of my craft of writing. Don’t get me wrong I love going to the movies, but am not a die-hard fan of it.

I want to continue reading true-crime novels, which I will do it. In the meantime I am with my grammar.

August 5, 2015

I love the noise of silent paper. It doesn’t complain. It gets creative. This is one of my ways to write a story.

I am regularly walking a mile, lifting weights, and doing abdominals everyday and love it. I haven’t studied grammar today, but will tomorrow. I think it is best to take a rest from it, so I could come back to it the next day. I have read, but novels. I am almost finished with The Heist by Janet Evanovich. I am planning to read another novel, but this one is by Brad Thor. His novel is called Blacklist, and it is not related to the hit TV series of the same name. They are two different fictions.

Some of the grammar is in my mind, and love that when it happens. It means my brain wants to learn all of it. Grammar to me doesn’t look boring and scary to me anymore. I am used to it.

Through this day I was listening to Josh Groban’s music. I heard Pure Imagination, Over the Rainbow, All I ask of You, and Smile. If you care to know All I ask of You is from Phantom of the Opera. I love classical crossover. I hear it sometimes. Most of the time I hear smooth jazz on accuradio.

What I am so excited to see is the movie Straight Outta Compton. It is about the lives of the rap/hip-hop group N.W.A. I have their music and really do love their songs.

Well, my day was awesome! I hope all of you has had an awesome day today. Right now I am off to sleep because it’s late.