Don’t Let That Painful Past Year Ruin Your LIfe

Some people have felt that they can’t erase those former past negative years behind, and it’s difficult for them to do so. The negative years’ pasts are over and done with. Some of us were affected by it, and can’t seem why. If the negative past year has happened like 30 or so years ago, then let it go. Don’t hold it in for memory safe keeping. It’s bad for your health. It ruins your whole life of enjoying things anywhere you go in the present. That year is so into you and in your human system. I think thinking about the negative year isn’t healthy. Some people have problems grasping the positive years. Most of us have been there before. The reason is that it is easy to be negative and reflect on it, while it is hard to be positive. Bring your full effort to be happy again. The things you enjoyed of the past year doesn’t have to do with your personal past year lives. Anyway, that negative is gone, and over with. Do this just say that you’ve had a good time with friends and always thought positive anyhow. We all aren’t perfect. In that way no one will really consider you as a sadistic person, if you fully erase those past awful years now. You need to be happy and positive. Stay normal and optimistic that everything in the present is great.

August 20, 2015

I can’t wait for the Miami Heat basketball to start. They will have a successful year. I can’t also wait for the Miami Hurricanes football and basketball teams to start playing also. I am so excited for these teams.

My parents are here now, but are downstairs and I am upstairs. I am writing this post.

I will study my grammar today. It is difficult, but I somehow understand some of it. I haven’t gone through the most difficult parts yet. I am learning from starters.

It feels great that I walk around the neighborhood with my dad everyday. I don’t mean to repeat myself, but can’t help it.

Class is doing great. I am learning much stuff once I get the hang of it.

Well, I am writing-off. Stay safe, people!

August 19, 2015

I have found time to be busy in my class and do my blog. I am still studying. I have read the recent lesson twice. I have forgotten about grammar, but will pick it up tomorrow.

I have gone out to do some errands with my dad. I was sealing the plans, and doing architecture work in the computer. I have walked a mile with my dad.

Right now this is a short brief post, because I will be studying more often today. We’ll see If I post the next day, or some other time. Be happy and positive, my friends!!! 🙂

Finding Lies In Most False People And Whom To Trust

Most of us get deceived by false people pretending to be our friends. What to do if this occurs again? Just see who is lying, cheating, or who is honest, truthful. I know this is the most difficult, but we need to test them. I don’t think that some bad people really change, because they stay the same. It goes day-by-day to see if this person is hiding something under his/her sleeve. Check if someone has pulled their tricks in their mind box. One way to see is when they use their malicious laughs, and stand in a jerk position. Check on your friends to see who is loyal to you. See if you’ve caught them in a lie when they are lying to you, by watching their face. If s/he isn’t to be trusted give them the silent treatment and walk away from their lives. Be careful of mean people trying to ruin their lives, because they’ll be caught their lives in jeopardy deservedly so. Hang out with people who care about you and are your real friends. Our experiences in life should know whom to trust the most.

Mr. Cookie and Mr. Donut

Eddie Carlton grabbed a cookie and a donut. He set them at the kitchen table. He left to go pick up something from his room.

“Hey, I’m glad Eddie isn’t here right now!” said Mr. Cookie

“I know he was about to eat us both!” said Mr. Donut

“Well, this is what it is!” said Mr. Cookie

“Anyhow, you look delicious!” said Mr. Donut

“And so do you!” said Mr. Cookie

Mr. Donut saw Mr. Cookie and they crashed into each other. They began to eat each other off. Mr. Donut ate the whole Mr. Cookie, but Mr. Donut is now in half himself.

Eddie came and saw Mr. Donut once he dropped his wallet.

“What happened to my cookie?” said Eddie

“I ate it!” said Mr. Donut

Eddie saw that Mr. Donut was fatter and very good to eat.

“Oh, no! Don’t look at me like that, Eddie!” Mr. Donut told

“Oh, yeah! You will be my dessert. You look Yummy!” said Eddie as he grabbed Mr. Donut from running away from him.

Mr. Donut was crying once Eddie was eating him. Eddie has finished eating the donut. Mr. Donut doesn’t exist anymore. There is no talking food anymore. Those were the only two talking, but are no longer there.

Stay Happy and Forget The Jerks

Be positive. Stay away from the jerks who’ve never changed. Don’t let them mislead you. Be happy. Erase negative people from your life. What I do is to forget about the silly people who are bad. I love to be optimistic and positive. I live happy. Strive to be happy. Enjoy the beautiful day. Listen to music you love, for example I love hip-hop and rap. Hang with friends that are true to you. Ignore negativism. Bring in positivism. Trust in God that everything is cool. I am cool. You are cool. I am Okay. You are Okay. Most of us are Okay. Live life with family and friends. Trust in God and the Heavens. Believe there is a Heaven and a Hell. Stay true to yourself. Strive to be the best. The last thing is be positive.

August 18, 2015

I am in class now. I am learning much things I need to know about the subject of fantasy. It is a fun and learning experience.

I love vampire stories. I have seen The Twilight Series. They were the most fun to get interested in. I am planning to see The Vampire Diaries. Believe it or not I still know where I left off, and it’s been almost a year since I stopped watching it.

Today I will lift weights and do abdominals. The reason I didn’t do it these past few days, is because I got allergic to something. I am fine now. I feel in great shape and spirits.

I will write a short story for all of you to enjoy. I don’t know when it will be posted, but it’s coming shortly.

I went out with my mom to do some errands. It is a beautiful day today. I love the animals I can see when I take a walk around the neighborhood. It is so pleasurable. I get to say hi to my neighbors.

I am watching again The Fabric of the Cosmos all over again. This time I am understanding it much. As many times I repeat seeing it, until I understand it all.

The music that I am listening to is the 60’s American music. I got Paul Anka radio on my Pandora. Before, I didn’t like that kind of music, but now I do. I still love hip-hop and rap, but want to listen to artist like Elvis Presley, Ritchie Valens, Frank Sinatra, and etc. You get the picture. I know you do.

Right now I will practice my writing. I have tons of things to learn from writing. I think this will take years to learn its craft. I have half of it learned. The book I was reading is Writing Great Books for Young Adults.

I am curious of how celebrities lead their lives. It’s entirely different from us average people. Soon enough I am going to be a professional writer, and won’t be average anymore. We are all human.

Right now I feel like reading. I am signing off-writing for now.