August 9, 2015

I was watching a few episodes of Suits, and read some novels in these few days. I will start on studying grammar again. It feels like I am dedicated to it, and am. I am glad. These several days I was helping my dad out with architecture work on the computer. I sealed some of his plans.

Tomorrow I will keep exercising and lifting weights.

Some of the series I was watching was Criminal Minds, and NCIS.

I won’t be blogging most of the time because of the class I am going to take this week. I will be busy a couple of months, but will be posting somehow. I don’t know how much. It is a class I’ve always wanted to take. Now I got it, and will take advantage of this opportunity.

I was thinking on how I could improve on the craft of writing. The thing is to always write and study. Another thing is to take writing classes. I didn’t let anyone convince me that reading writing reference books are better than writing classes. They are different. Classes are the ones, which you learn and get experience from. Of course I still read writing reference books, but doing both is best.


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