August 11, 2015

I am writing my memoirs. I haven’t walked today. I was studying writing reference books. I went to do errands with my dad. I picked up the architectures plans with dad. I sealed the plans and worked at the computer.

I watched Suits and some news at ESPN.

Tomorrow is the day I start class. I am ready, but not thinking about it. I still have the New York Times paper I bought yesterday. I have read the main cover paper. Almost all of it.

I was watching The Fabric of the Cosmos and am learning it. I will watch it the third time to make more sense of it. It needs to be seen lots of times to understand astronomy. You can’t learn it in a month. It takes months and years to learn it. I want to grasp the knowledge of it. But, it doesn’t mean I want to be an astrophysicist. No. I will be a professional horror writer. Science is my hobby of reading and watching.

Today the day in Miami was beautiful, and yesterday I got to see Blue Jays. They were near my window fooling around on the tree. They are so beautiful to see. The squirrels come from time to time in my neighborhood once I walk around the mile. But, right now there is a heavy storm at this moment. I don’t plan at all to go outside. I would prefer indoors.

It’s almost Halloween and my nephews I think will be dressed in costumes. They are big now. There are so many events in my family I need to attend to. I prefer to keep it to myself.


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