Amy Adams (1974-Present)

Amy Adams is an American actress and singer. She began her career in stage performing in dinner theatre. She later made her silver screen debut in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). She was in the film Catch Me If You Can (2002). She portrayed a con artist in American Hustle (2013). She starred in the sports drama film The Fighter (2010).

Respecting your Fans of your Career

I have learned much respect from people of all walks of life. However, they are who they are, and things they can’t change of their lives. Fans remain loyal to their entertainers. I remain loyal to them. I think if fans say the truth about famous people they shouldn’t hate them for it. Showing respects of the average people is much better. Anyway, I think they are trying to help. These situations seem to get out of control, and could cost some celebrities lives, but not the fans. In order to stop the ones who entertain from their troubles. They should get clean and sober. This is how I view it. The doctor from rehab has no faults in all of this fiasco. The fans don’t mean any harm, but there are some that do. I am a loyal fan to those celebrities, and authors. If you don’t want your career to hit rock-bottom, then listen to your loyal fans. It makes a great worlds of wonder when you do realize what serious problem you have, and taking care of your body is of the most importance. I think for the disorderly celebrities, they should go to rehab, and listen to the doctor. It doesn’t hurt. Instead it helps, and I am not offending anyone. There is no reason to be flamboyant about it. This is your life we’re talking about. You don’t want to be a gone too soon celebrity like the others. I never get into mischief and don’t listen to anyone who wants me to. I have my common sense as should you. Fans enjoy your entertainment much, so why waste it away on stupid choices you think is right? You shouldn’t. Don’t listen to your brain. Listen to you and your family. If you ignore it, then there is your dark years, which isn’t so pleasant. I pay attention to my family, friends, and I stay loyal to my fans. I remain true to myself.

All Ghosts want is Peace

Ghosts aren’t the ones where you see them, and then they disappear without you noticing them. They are there wandering around to enjoy the things they see in the real world. I think they mostly miss is getting together with family and friends. It is logical to think it. I mean when they die as humans before, they don’t want to leave us very soon. God tells us when it is time to go. He doesn’t put any dateline on your life. It all depends on you making one for you. Ghosts want to be at peace. Somehow, they all have to go to Heaven. My view of all this is that we feel them in any way, shape, or form. We never forget those we’ve spent time with as humans. Ghosts come inside of our human body to guide us. They help us make the right decisions, by thinking what good things needed to be done. Ghosts do go into the theaters to watch movies, but they don’t play sports. It sounds spooky, and shocking to think it. It is hard to grasp, but it is only a theory. Maybe all this doesn’t even exist, and might all just be make-believe of ghosts. Ghosts are here to enjoy what we get excited about. Peace is what they are after only.

Don’t Concern and Worry about your Old Pasts’ Problems

Most of us focus on our many years ago pasts’ problems, because of the results of not having any friends. Don’t focus on the problems that have already happened to regret them, and today it has no meaning at all. Your teen problems are gone, and they should be erased in your memory. Instead, you bring something so old of your past that if affects you. It is better to consult your family for advice. If that doesn’t help consult a psychologist. Nobody should concern themselves about the old life problems we’ve had. It has happened to me before. I used to concern and worry about real old problems from high school, and there was no reason to. It is all gone in my life. I no longer should regret those times. I was a young teen by the time. Everyone goes through it. I mean in general, school, or in some other places you’ve had problems with someone whether it was their faults or yours. You don’t need to look at them for a month, or longer to learn not to do it again. The wise choice is to get advice from your parents. There the ones who know better. They have been to that road before. Most things aren’t too late, and it’s still possible. Erase all the old problems, because if not. It is going to stick with you to sting your emotions. It is a bad feeling when you are enjoying something new. Somehow your friend, or whoever, is going to notice that you have this. Forget about the people you’ve met long ago, because you won’t see them again. You don’t want to go to that old road of some have changed themselves in pitiful lives. Think for a minute that you can gain new friends, rather then the ones you’ve had in high school. It is much better to live for today. Watch a movie, show, or read a book. Play sports, or go to the cinemas to watch a new movie to erase those old awful feelings you’ve gathered for a long time. Going to a concert to see a singer or group signing their songs helps, also. The reason you have a very good memory is because you think about the old stuff too much. It’s time to break the out of that mold, and stop being labeled as you have a memorized memory by people telling you. Live for today.

“A” is for Alien

Harvey Strall walks outside the neighborhood and he sees many big letter A’s on the floor. Everyone there were wondering what is going on here. It is something bizarre just like Harvey was thinking. He doesn’t know the letter A’s are standing up. They shape form. The letters are now changing into aliens, but are friendly. The people in public ran away screaming driving to there homes. Harvey stands there, but he didn’t look afraid. He looked confident. The aliens tell him the reason they are here, and he understood. He gave a good laugh and explained them why. He told them because of the people overreacting at them. They understood and told him they will leave soon. Harvey understands now that the aliens only wanted was if the Earth and its people are well. He gave them a diary he kept about his personal life as a goodbye gift. The aliens went in their spaceships back to their homes, and he went to back walking to his.

Okay, People! Cheer Up!!!

I better see that happy face, or you won’t enjoy the rest of this year! Most of you should cheer up, because in life new chapters of your life are coming positive! There is no reason to be depressed. Most people have tried to make you feel positive, but some of you don’t want to listen. Wake up! Be Happy! There are a million reasons that you can be safe happy. I will enjoy the rest of this year, and hope most of you will, too!!! It’s time for a wake up call. There are some people who don’t have what most of us have. I hope this message cheers you up.  I will enjoy the rest of my life happy and positive. If this day wasn’t your day, then tomorrow will! Trust me!!! I know these things! Remember happy smiley faces!!! Cheer up! If you aren’t happy, then read my self-help posts from before! It will be Christmas soon, and then there will be a New Years Celebration! Alright! Yeah!!! Be positive all through your life. I want to see happy people!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

The Final Episode of Sons of Anarchy

I have felt sorry for Jackson Teller. The final episode has impressed me a lot. Jackson Teller came in a conversation with his club about the future of his sons and Samcro. He told them in order to save his sons and club was for him to commit suicide. I couldn’t believe my ears. It had to be done. He didn’t want his sons to be criminals like himself. He rode his last ride while the police chase him. He threw himself to an incoming truck killing him. Before, that he talked to his deceased father one last time. His father was killed by his step dad, and his mom. Jackson killed himself for the safety of his sons and Samcro. One of the most interesting shows has just ended. There will never be one quite like it, until another one appears. Awesome series. A sad ending. The final ride. The final goodbye.

Captain America

Captain America is a fictional character created by American comics cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. He appeared first in Captain America Comics #1 on March 1941. He fights the axis powers of World War II. He was mostly popular during the wartime period. He is armed with a shield that’s indestructible and his uniform bears an American flag. His alter ego is Steve Rogers. He is a long time leader of The Avengers. His arch-nemesis is the Red Skull. He has appeared in 3 films including: Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and will appear in the new film Avengers: Age of Ultron. Captain America is portrayed by actor Chris Evans.