A Wizard told me About the World’s Future

Dear diary,

A wizard has come to me with horrible news. He took me to Earth’s future. He showed me all the wars that humans have to fight against wizards and aliens. It was all so scary, and intense. It doesn’t look real pleasant. All the humans in the future are suffering. Hello, my name is Jason Kemps and I am going to survive in this war. He told me that I joined an army called “humans United”. I was the leader of the group. The terrible stories I’ve heard from my new friend Eli the wizard that most wizards have joined the aliens to rule our planet. They want us to be enslaved. He tells me that soon enough this war will start several years later in the future. We went in a time machine to see what was happening. I didn’t like what I saw. The humans were being defeated by wizards and aliens. Me and Eli were hidden in secret places where no one could see us. When we went back in the present I came to my home, and Eli has returned to his home planet. Everything is fine now in the present. I now know what is going to happen to my home planet. Earth is going to be invaded by aliens and wizards united to bring us down. It will have new rulers, and new civilizations. What I can’t do is tell people in this time what is going to happen later, because they won’t believe me. I would end up coping with a psychologist. The smart thing I did was going to bed in my room and pretend all this didn’t happen. The reality awaits us all.

Watching the Moon

I used to have a telescope. My parents gave it to me for Christmas a long time ago. I never knew how to work with it fully. I understood some things how I could use it. I never understood the alignments I needed to use it for. Anyway, I saw the moon many times. It was the only thing I could watch, except for the stars. My neighborhood was full of lights and there was no clearance to see the universe. To see everything in the night sky you need to go somewhere where there is no neighborhood and have chances to see all things in space. But, the moon was beautiful to watch. You could see the craters and how close it is from us. I showed the moon to my family looking in the telescope. So, the stars and the moon were the only things I could watch. Sadly, I left the telescope outside by mistake during hurricane season and the hurricane blew it away destroying it. Me and my dad threw it away. But, it was fun watching the moon.

Movie Review: Big (1988)

The movie I always loved when I was a kid in the 80’s was Big starring Tom Hanks. It is about a kid named Josh who didn’t always gets what he wants. He feels overruled by adults and his classmates telling and bullying him what to do. He goes to a fair to the wishing machine making a wish to be big as an older adult. He goes to the city trying to find a job. He gets even luckier by the rich boss giving him a job, but not just any job. A top job. A job where he checks toys if they are appropriate to sell for kids in toy stores. He works in a huge toy business cooperation. He gets himself a girlfriend there. But, when he realizes that he misses childhood, his best friend, and mom he makes his last wish to be a kid again. His wish is granted, but his girlfriend isn’t pleased, because she has to say goodbye to him. The ending is wonderful, because he is happy with his family and best friend. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves to see it.

Amy Adams (1974-Present)

Amy Adams is an American actress and singer. She began her career in stage performing in dinner theatre. She later made her silver screen debut in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). She was in the film Catch Me If You Can (2002). She portrayed a con artist in American Hustle (2013). She starred in the sports drama film The Fighter (2010).

Respecting your Fans of your Career

I have learned much respect from people of all walks of life. However, they are who they are, and things they can’t change of their lives. Fans remain loyal to their entertainers. I remain loyal to them. I think if fans say the truth about famous people they shouldn’t hate them for it. Showing respects of the average people is much better. Anyway, I think they are trying to help. These situations seem to get out of control, and could cost some celebrities lives, but not the fans. In order to stop the ones who entertain from their troubles. They should get clean and sober. This is how I view it. The doctor from rehab has no faults in all of this fiasco. The fans don’t mean any harm, but there are some that do. I am a loyal fan to those celebrities, and authors. If you don’t want your career to hit rock-bottom, then listen to your loyal fans. It makes a great worlds of wonder when you do realize what serious problem you have, and taking care of your body is of the most importance. I think for the disorderly celebrities, they should go to rehab, and listen to the doctor. It doesn’t hurt. Instead it helps, and I am not offending anyone. There is no reason to be flamboyant about it. This is your life we’re talking about. You don’t want to be a gone too soon celebrity like the others. I never get into mischief and don’t listen to anyone who wants me to. I have my common sense as should you. Fans enjoy your entertainment much, so why waste it away on stupid choices you think is right? You shouldn’t. Don’t listen to your brain. Listen to you and your family. If you ignore it, then there is your dark years, which isn’t so pleasant. I pay attention to my family, friends, and I stay loyal to my fans. I remain true to myself.

All Ghosts want is Peace

Ghosts aren’t the ones where you see them, and then they disappear without you noticing them. They are there wandering around to enjoy the things they see in the real world. I think they mostly miss is getting together with family and friends. It is logical to think it. I mean when they die as humans before, they don’t want to leave us very soon. God tells us when it is time to go. He doesn’t put any dateline on your life. It all depends on you making one for you. Ghosts want to be at peace. Somehow, they all have to go to Heaven. My view of all this is that we feel them in any way, shape, or form. We never forget those we’ve spent time with as humans. Ghosts come inside of our human body to guide us. They help us make the right decisions, by thinking what good things needed to be done. Ghosts do go into the theaters to watch movies, but they don’t play sports. It sounds spooky, and shocking to think it. It is hard to grasp, but it is only a theory. Maybe all this doesn’t even exist, and might all just be make-believe of ghosts. Ghosts are here to enjoy what we get excited about. Peace is what they are after only.