“A” is for Alien

Harvey Strall walks outside the neighborhood and he sees many big letter A’s on the floor. Everyone there were wondering what is going on here. It is something bizarre just like Harvey was thinking. He doesn’t know the letter A’s are standing up. They shape form. The letters are now changing into aliens, but are friendly. The people in public ran away screaming driving to there homes. Harvey stands there, but he didn’t look afraid. He looked confident. The aliens tell him the reason they are here, and he understood. He gave a good laugh and explained them why. He told them because of the people overreacting at them. They understood and told him they will leave soon. Harvey understands now that the aliens only wanted was if the Earth and its people are well. He gave them a diary he kept about his personal life as a goodbye gift. The aliens went in their spaceships back to their homes, and he went to back walking to his.

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