S.O.A.: About Juice & Gemma

In the recent episode Juice has told the truth to Jackson about Tara’s murder, and covering it up. Samcro now knows that Gemma has killed Tara. Samcro are on the loose of tracking her down to kill her. First her son Jackson wants a talk with his mom Gemma. Gemma’s boyfriend meets her, and tells Jackson by phone lying that he never saw her. The two: Juice and Gemma have a vendetta as targets to be killed. Juice regrets saving Gemma’s life by killing the cop a few weeks ago. Now most fans have a clear picture of how Sons of Anarchy is going to end. But, we don’t know how it will unfold in the final two episodes. However, this all ends it has been a great ride watching this show. The finale will be the best one of all.

Amy Poehler (1971-Present)

Amy Poehler is an American actress, comedian, voice artist, and writer. She was one of the cast members of NBC’s sitcom Saturday Night Live from 2001-2008. She was co-anchor of the Weekend Update sketch, alongside Tina Fey. She was in the sitcom Parks & Recreation as Leslie Knope. She is currently as an executive producer on the new Swedish-American sitcom Welcome to Sweden, which is still broadcasting on NBC.

Sons of Anarchy is Almost Towards its End

Now we know who are going to die. Gemma and Juice will be gone by someone killing them. Jackson Teller somehow will finally know the truth about his wife’s murder. Jackson’s kid is the key to the series. He perhaps will tell one of his family members who killed his mom. Juice is in jail, and Jackson wants to kill him, because of his betrayals to his gang. Will Samcro ever find out that Juice saved Gemma to cover up Tara Teller’s tragic death? I don’t have any idea of what the outcome will be. I think it might be a good one or a bad one. But, at least all of the pieces are getting solved. The final farewell of S.O.A. will be on December 9, 2014. How will this end? We need to be patient when it does and how.

Taylor Swift (1989-Present)

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She pursued a singing career in country music with an independent label called Big Machine Records at the young age of 14. Her  first self-titled album, Taylor Swift (2008) established her as a country music star. Her second album Fearless (2009) became successful and has won 4 Grammy awards. Her third album Speak Now (2010) became a huge success. Her fifth album named 1989, which is a pop album was released in 2014. Her new album 1989 is out in stores now worldwide. She has appeared in the comedy film Valentine’s Day (2010). She was in the animated film The Lorax (2012). 

Most People Have a Right to Believe in Aliens

I don’t think that if most people believe in aliens that they are crazy to do so. I think most people are normal, if they do believe in aliens. So, why can’t we? This is some of the people’s idiotic thinking that aliens are a figment of our imagination. I think these people are skeptics. You can look around Egypt for them to explain us how did the Pyramids, and the tombs were built in ancient times. They would be clueless of them for not giving us a truthful answer. I still think that aliens do exists, and could care less if some people are skeptical about it. We need to believe in our beliefs, and not someone else’s. Some might say that we have lost our minds, but it’s them that they have lost their  minds by giving up on it very easily. Aliens have helped shape our civilization, even if half of the people disbelieve it. I still think this. If someone tells me that aliens don’t exists, most will likely believe that person. I could care less if this happens, and so should you. If you want to be a believer. It is easy to realize it, and it isn’t hard as other’s may think. In fact aliens have their God just as we do. Most of you have every right to make assumptions of other beings existing in other planets, but don’t listen to the skeptics. People have a right to believe whatever. I believe there are living beings in other planets. However, crazy this may sound to others.

The Best Christmas Gifts of all: Love, Caring, & Respect

I know that I am going to get the gifts I want this Christmas. I don’t worry, and care about that, though. The most important gifts for me are: Love, Caring, and Respect. These are the best ones I love of all. I love going out, and staying at home writing all the time. Most people should give back their love, respect, and caring to each other. The rest of the meaningless stuff to enjoy comes after. The one thing to do though is to just have fun with it and not take it personal. I have learned throughout my life not to take entertainment and sports personal. There are some people who do, and they say they are happy, but aren’t. There’s nothing wrong to just enjoy it, but the people around you matter the most. I have found my inner joys, and it is caring for people and me all the time. Spend time with family and friends who only want to chat with you and hang around with you. I am happy for my life, and so should you. Spend this Christmas with family and friends you care about. Leave all the meaningless stuff and pick it up later.

Jennifer Lawrence (1990-Present)

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress. She appeared in the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show (2007-2009). She won an Academy award for the film Silver Linings Playbook (2012). She was awarded the Golden Globe award for the comedy drama film American Hustle (2013). Her role as Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games series established her as the highest-grossing action heroine of all-time. She gained international fame as the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.

God Will Send Us to Heaven

God loves every one of us. There are other people who still betray us for their own interests. We shouldn’t pay any attention to none of them. God is love. God isn’t betrayal and one’s interest. We are here to live our lives happy. God gives us love, not things. Family loves families, and friends. Friends care and help us. For most of the people who are good, and have repented their sins. I mean all of them. They will go to Heaven. God doesn’t bring sinners to his Kingdom. Love is family, friends, Jesus Christ, and God. Be good towards each other. God cares.

Carrie Baysfield Has Fought Ghosts

Carrie Baysfield is a woman who has seen ghosts all her life. She is the only person in the world who has fought them too. She walks out in public places such as stores, pharmacies, and funerals. Ghosts appear in those areas and they fight against her. The people in charge there had to kick her out of there. She wonders why she is fighting with ghosts. Why do ghosts don’t feel any pain and she does? She knows. For her it’s a long battle. The ghosts know who she is, but the other ghosts who are her family are helping her to fight them. Not all ghosts are hurting and beating her. Carrie went to her friend’s house. Sam Waters is his name. She decided to marry him, so the ghosts would leave her alone. They left her alone. In some sick way I guess they wanted the best for her. In the ghosts right mind that if she didn’t get married with a man they would beat and hurt her. I guess in some sick way they were doing her a favor, but it wasn’t the one she wanted. The married life is the only one she wanted.