Alien Monsters

Nobody has ever thought there could be alien monsters, and I don’t mean the ones from sci-fi films. I mean the kind of monsters we don’t know about, and how they look like. Have you considered that these alien monsters want to kill us all like in the horror movies. Well, people haven’t crossed their minds on that theory, and don’t even know if they exist. It probably does or doesn’t. But, we need to pay close attention of what we could face, if them coming our way. When we see aliens for the first time, our normal reaction is staying in shock and doing nothing at all without any movements. You think that our species will save us from alien monsters’ invasion, but you might be wrong. We say that we’re not afraid of these alien monsters, but we are, and we can prevent an aliens’ invasion, or an alien monsters’ invasion. It’s just that our silly reaction doesn’t let us think fast, and make a secret plan to defeat them. We see in the movies that we’re not afraid of those things coming our way. Are we so sure we would react physically, and emotion to be the hero? I think not. You’ll spell defeat in a minute without even thinking. We would be standing there like paralyzed dummies doing nothing. You need to think, act, take action, and plan a strategy to protect Earth. If we don’t do nothing, then we are on a dangerous risk alert. Don’t just stand there stunned. Think, act, plan, and take action when you see them. Be careful of your insecurities when it comes to those situations. In any shape of these problems, which aren’t normal, do something before being shocked and stunned. The humans have to take a stand to defeat them.

Believe Anything You Want About Aliens

If you want to believe that aliens don’t exist, then do so. Nobody is stopping you. If you want to believe they do exist, then do it. It’s your choice, but they’ll be skeptics who don’t believe. Most people don’t care about this subject. I think in my opinion it should be left alone, and for the authorities to handle it. Sometimes they get it wrong, and we have to protect the friendly aliens ourselves. There are bad ones who won’t attack us. But, let me believe that there are actual beings all across the galaxies, and universes. There are so many stories of alien abductions, and these might have happened for real. We once were considered aliens. I know most of you might be offended by me saying this, but don’t be. There could be humans from other planets, and as well as animals of the same ones from here on Earth. Most people who believe shouldn’t be judge to disbelieve about it. The topic is interesting to me, even if most of you think it’s real funny. There are most people who believe they do exists. I think they may be real. Who knows? It probably might not. Believe what you want, but let the others believe that they are real, and leave them at peace. It’s half of the people in our society that believe aliens do exists, while the others do not. Base your opinion. 

An Alien Invasion Has Happened On Planet Earth

Dear Girt,

I can’t believe that most people are being taken hostage in every country and each continents. Each President and each Prime Minister is paying the circumstances from these aliens in spaceships. We can’t do nothing about it. It is out of our hands. We are defenseless against these aliens. They have won, and are taking control of planet Earth. They have named our planet their home, and we are enslaved by them. Soon everything of our freedom, and liberty are going to change. Instead of us humans having it, the aliens will have all the freedom and liberty, as if they deserve it in their point of view. I am in prison in the state of Alabama, and told them to mail you this letter. You remember me, Barbara Triesin? I know you do remember. They were nice enough to letting me mail this letter to you, but their decision is quite clear that I am their slave, as the rest of the others put in jail. I can’t stand this prison of so many criminals who committed heinous crimes, and wish I’d get out of this lunacy. Most innocent people here in prison are thinking the same also. It’s like living with Satan. I am sure you are next to be jailed for no reason. I hope to mother of God they would reconsider us humans as friends, and let us free, but they’ll never do it. We are doomed for eternity, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I am losing hope. I hope you can hide yourself, your family, and your friends somewhere at an island where they won’t find you all. I just hope they won’t trace this letter from your home address, but it’s probably they will do it.

Yours Truly,

Barbara Triesin

We Are Fine With The Aliens (Don’t worry)

Most people think that aliens are going to defeat us by destroying our planet, but they aren’t. They just want us to have a fulfilled happy life. They only hurt people who are bad and evil. If you are scared of aliens, then I suggest you shouldn’t. On one fact they have helped shape our civilization on our planet Earth. We have everything great on this planet of our disposal, and don’t worry about them, because they aren’t after us. They are fine on their planet, and we are fine on ours. In some shows about aliens tells us they pretend to play God with us, but this isn’t true. Their God is the same as ours. Feel free to do anything positive and optimistic stuff in life, and I promise you they aren’t going to start a war with us. You can freely enjoy your life; however, you may wish. They are living their lives just like we are.

Some Ghosts And Aliens Do Care About Us

Somewhere along the line a ghost or an alien will be bound to help you. They do care about us. I think in theory they are interested in our situations that in some miracles they let us good people win. I can’t explain the altitude of how they help us. It is just as if the Gods of ancient pasts are looking towards us that they prevent our accidents and problems. They give us hints in our minds of what is the right decisions to make. In some way or another this is really weird. The reason these beings want to help us is because they want us to be happy and satisfied with your life. If you do anything bad to anybody, then they will work against you. It is this way that these aliens and ghosts that work against the real jerks who want to destroy us. They do care about your life, friends, and families. They want you to lead a better healthier life. We should be thankful that they want to help us, and they aren’t angry with us. They prevent bad ghosts and bad aliens from attacking us in any way. They want us to move on with our lives. It’s true that aliens have headquarters from deep underwater overseas. It’s also true that ghosts wander on the world of humans and animals, but they won’t do anything to us that is harmful. Some ghosts and aliens mean well. We are protected from them. So, don’t be afraid and don’t convince yourself that the world is coming to an end, because it isn’t. However, our gravitational force field is weak, because of all the machines men have made in planet Earth. The other thing is that our planet is being harmed of making too many things like buildings for example. Our planet is vulnerable of any attack from space. The world will end 15 billions years later from now, so there’s nothing to worry about. It isn’t in your lifetime. But, for the meantime we are safe. So, don’t worry about it. We’re in good hands.   

Aliens Have Lived Way Before Us

I know for a fact that most people don’t believe that aliens haven’t ever existed. For them its the silliest fact they have ever heard. In fact aliens have lived way before us, and the reason we don’t believe it is because they’re aren’t interested in coming back to planet Earth. We have an unanswered question: Do aliens really exists? Most people would tell you the answer is: No! If some of us believe in them we might be considered crazy to most just not believing it. I think there is history of alien evidences’ in the U.S. that we don’t know about. One thing for sure is that  most people love watching alien movies, books, and shows. I’ll brief you shortly, if we imagine aliens in our minds, then they do must actually exist. We should be thankful that these aliens have helped shaped our civilization of what it is today. You can say whatever you want about these living beings, but one thing is that you can’t just put it into facts just yet, until you have discovered evidence of it. Aliens share the same God we believe in, and Jesus came after the aliens, and not before. However, there may be fewer people believing in it, but we don’t know for a fact if it’s made-up. Well, I learned one thing is to respect people’s beliefs. I think in some of these years if this keeps up they might really come back here for real, and who knows what they’ll do. If there are humans, then there has to be aliens in other planets as well, but most of us discount it. Their history is the same as ours. We live wars just like they do. All of you  may be laughing now, but you don’t have the facts right in front of you. But, how are we sure to laugh at it, until it’s too late? I think if they do come, then they’ll come in peace depending on how we treat them as guests. My view is that they wanted to make a wonderful planet called Earth that has history, it’s civilization, and nature, then just leave us alone. They live life just like we do. This makes sense to me, and I do believe that they’re smarter than us. We carry the same smarts, and genes as our predecessors: the aliens. However, strange this may sound to you: think whatever of it. When they come back it will happen like a million years from now, or probably sooner. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then believe the number of people who do. Most of us who believe aliens exists surely don’t have any problem skeptics disbelieving us, as long as we aren’t the jokes of this. The aliens have made a wonderful planet called Earth, and its civilization. We should only trust the aliens that are good and friendly. Believe whatever you want, but this theory won’t ever go away.

No Evidence Of Aliens Yet

title screenshot

title screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout history we’ve been told that we’re been visited by aliens a long time ago, and they’ve helped shape our civilization. Are we any different from them? Will they come back? I don’t know what to say, but I think that they actually do exist. The alien encounters are long histories of history. Most of us keep ourselves skeptical, and think of it as rubbish. If we meet tem we’ll be frightened out of shock and lost for words. Scientists say that we have evidence of aliens were here on Earth. But, can we believe that there’s evidence we haven’t seen? I don’t know what to tell you, but try to believe it. We come to the cold hard facts of reality that there’s nothing out there in the universe. Ancient people in ancient history in our pasts thought they have seen divinities of Gods, demigods, angels, and demons. They were the same aliens themselves portrayed as. Again we don’t want to believe it and only think that there’s only one God that shaped our civilization. Do I need to be brief? Everyone would think so. Most people would think that I’ve wasted my time writing about no realities. My fans would laugh as of saying my fiction doesn’t fit to their reality of their lives in our universe. We’re skeptical of this situation and concept. Children would be frightened if we talk about it, and we should let only adults talk about this topic. People won’t ever talk about it, because it is simply silly to them. People know what to think of the universe. But, what do they know about their own reality, and what do we know of the real reality? My guess is I don’t know, because this won’t be resolved anytime in the near future, but perhaps in the further future. This story has been told way before me, and way before us. In Mars we know that Martians don’t exist, and only organisms live there. Most people would tell you to stick with the reality we now have and come back to reality. My mom and I would think so. But, what do we know of making ourselves sane because of not talking about it? I don’t know anything to this question. But, most people would tell you they already know and it’s a no-brainer for them and us. Scientists lay out some of the questions out there unanswered, and left out. We leave them out there, because we don’t want to be cast as fools by finding evidence. Most people think the evidence found of aliens in other planets are made up by skeptics. Do we really know? Ask yourself that same question. Do you think talking about aliens is silly? Ask yourself that last question, also. It all comes down to the realities of life. You can believe what you want to believe. But, most of us already think that the evidence is clear of no aliens existing in the universe. The odds of thinking about it of the next generation may surprise you.

My Alien Pet Dog

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader...

English: Alien Jewelry. Take me to your leader Aliens arrived but the citizens of Earth were busy squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. No leader could be found that represented the planet so they went home again. Better luck next millennium earthlings. Sterling silver and torch fired enamels. 25x42mm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Braddock Waters wants an alien pet dog, and it’s cool with his parents. But, how are they going to take care of it, and feed it what? He looked at an alien magazine of alien animals and decided that having this kind of pet is cool. Me as a narrator thinks its cool for him also. But, the story is on Braddock not me.

So many of his friends have alien pet dogs and they already know how to take care of them. They keep giving it to animals to feed on. I think that light serves these alien dogs as drinks. You could have glue to serve them and they’ll actually love it. Me I don’t want an alien dog, but it seems that he wants one real badly.

The neat thing is that they can fly and drive UFO spaceships, but how are they going back to their pet owners at home? Simple they come back. Well, his parents drove him to the alien animal shelter and bought him an alien pet dog. You could see that this alien dog is cute and friendly, but it needs to be fed humans. They catch human bones and play with their pet owners of a game of catch.

Currently, I don’t play with alien animals and don’t consider the animals here on Earth to be aliens. Braddock is having a hell of a time with his new pet and named him Oscar. A common name for a human but to an alien dog as well.

The alien magazine he has shows him all kinds of planets and places he’s never seen where they were born. He wants to visit to all of those alien planets with Oscar. There are places there that he could have fun and make alien friends, so long as they don’t think of him as food.

We humans eat animals that are legal to eat, and those aliens eat humans. Aliens think we’re slaves for them and give them all their benefits. Braddock thinks they’re friendly and the aliens only want to be friendly with him.

He goes to planets like Mars and encounters aliens as being friendly to show all their activities there. His dog gets along with them, because he’s an alien too. Oscar grabbed his owner’s shirt and asked him if he could go to the alien dog funhouse. Braddock said sure we can and they went.

A weird story for me to be writing this you think? Yes it is.

Oscar gets along with the other alien dogs, and plays with them there. The place here freaks out Braddock a lot that he no longer wants to stay there, but he’s got no choice. His alien pet Oscar loves it there.

Narrator: I would hang out with aliens and don’t think they actually exist. If I encounter one the first thing I would do is run and stay away from it. Who knows where they’re going to take me as an experiment for them to test.

Braddock in my terms had the guts to buy an alien dog, go to these alien planets, and meet them. He hangs around watching his dog having fun with other alien dogs wondering if he can go back to Earth, because he’s bored to death of this alien lifestyle and this strange alien planet. But, there’s no convincing Oscar from going back to Earth.

In reality Braddock now is all bones because the alien dogs ate him and including his alien pet dog Oscar. And so both he longer exist.

Narrator: So much for a happy ending that never was!!!!! This is definitely a sad ending!!!!! If Braddock’s parents found out they’ll be saddened and depressed, which they wouldn’t know what to do.

His parents put Braddock and his alien pet dog missing all over the news in his home planet. They described both of them. Oscar will be remembered as the most respected alien family dog for the Walters family. And as for Braddock will be remembered that he never had any problems with Oscar.

The humans all over the world will sadly miss Braddock Walters and Oscar.

Narrator: How could this be Oscar the alien dog that loves his own owner? This can’t be. This story doesn’t make sense. You try to make a story like this, and you won’t know why you’ve wrote it.

Well, all the Earthlings in Earth will think of the two as friendly friends that never took advantage of each other. Braddock’s parents already miss him lots and wish that they both come back, but right now it’s an impossible task for that to happen.

Narrator: I think you’ve heard enough of this story and I don’t know what you think of it. For me I would forget I’ve ever read this. But, it was fun writing it. Hope you’ve had fun reading it.

If you like it let me know.