May 20, 2016

These past few days I was watching TV. I did some errands with my dad.

I was thinking that I will be in the last online writing class, and then I will go to online publishing classes. The last class is how to make money earnings from your writing. I still read the documents of the online class I took recently. I feel that I am finally understanding most of it. It won’t be easy because I have to study the other writing courses, also.

I am watching season 2 of The Flash. I saw all The Game of Thrones episodes.

Anyway, I am taking it easy. Reading writing reference books. I have to learn how to do my writing techniques. It’s good that now I realized that I have to study my grammar. Most people hate grammar, but I love it.

I know that memorize them is a pain in the neck, but it has to be hard to master it. This is in order if you can survive in the literary world. It is a must to know it for any writer of any genre.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be safe, be kind, respect others, don’t be jealous, and behave! ❤ 🙂

Harry Living In A Cluttered Box

Harry smolts lives in a cluttered square box. He goes out in public trying to enjoy his life with friends. But, everyone sees his cluttered box with him. It is peculiar that this box is transparent with a dark blue color.

I have this box because I don’t feel three-dimensional like a normal person all my life Harry thought. All the strangers keep asking him why this box is with him. Women start to laugh at him. He couldn’t stand the sight of people laughing at him gives his embarrassment. He just wants to enjoy his time with friends at the Mexican restaurant. They never did let him have his privacy.

His friends were bothered by this disturbing box.

“What is it with you and that box, Harry?” Alice asked

“It does this simply the reason of me not being comfortable with the world around me.” Harry replied.

“That sounds silly.” Bob said

“like you’re to judge Bob. Look at these people laughing at me, because of this.” Harry said pointing at his box.

He couldn’t stand his friends right now. They have a simple thing to complain about. Harry wants to disagree because it fits him not to think of it. Marvey looks at him laughing at him, because of his silly cluttered box.

“What are you laughing at Marvey?” Harry said

Marvey was at the other table mocking at Harry. All his friends give him the hate look. Finally, Harry has an idea. He starts talking about it with his friends by whispering in secret.

An hour later, Harry sits with Marvey at his table. He just looks at him as if something wrong happened. Marvey becomes uncomfortable with it.

Harry’s plan is starting to work. All of a sudden the cluttered box came to bother Marvey’s life. His mocking at Harry did one unto himself.

The box started to shrink and along Marvey just became grains of sands little by little. Harry, his friends, and the strangers started to enjoy this, because they all think Marvey is a jerk.

Soon afterwards, Marvey is a complete sand inside a carton box about the size of a shoe. Harry gets the box and leaves with his friends.

Lucky for him he has a balcony inside his home. So, he throws the box inside the fireplace and it started burning every grain of sand that ever existed of Marvey. By surprise the sands and its box was gone down into the pits of Hell.

Harry and his friends started celebrating by throwing a party, because they defeated the box and his enemy Marvey. He now feels free to do what his heart desires.


May 17, 2016

It feels like the year is already over. The reason I am saying is that the year will pass without us even knowing it. I don’t give it of not too much importance, because it is no big deal. We will enjoy the rest of the years that come our way.

My class has finished, but these last days it didn’t matter, because I’ve finished it already. I have finished successful early anyway. Now I am reading the lessons I have read before from the last writing course I took.

I am almost finished with Joe Hill’s novel, Horns. I like it much. It is a different kind of horror novel. The reason I liked it is because it has psychological suspense.

I didn’t take a walk these few days, but I did lift weights and doing abdominal exercises. I feel healthy now.

So, far I only need one last writing online class I need to finish, but that is until this August. This is smart of me, so I can restudy my former writing courses.

I don’t watch too much TV. I read a lot and write almost everyday. I work at the computer of my dad’s architecture. I go on errands.

When I sleep I listen to music. Most of the music is hip-hop, and some smooth jazz. I have accuradio, so there are radio stations that I can listen to. If not, then I listen to soft music on 93.1 fm.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be safe, treat people with respect, be kind, and behave! ❤ 🙂

The Gift Of Life is: Positivity!

We should stop feeling negative all the time. Stop thinking of negative past events that trouble your mind and you seem not to let out of your system. There are people who still have the bad past events in their minds. Some have it from way back in the 80’s or 90’s, and they are over now. But, they still have it memorized. We need to get over the hump of this past monster that drags most of our lives. Think of positive events, even if they are old. The smart thing to do is think of the good events that have happened recently, because all the rest is past tense. Once you get the dark pasts out or your system. You will once again enjoy life. You can even pretend that you’re going to change your past, but don’t get too attached to it. Don’t really think that you can go back to the past. There are a lot of things that you will enjoy in the present. My advice to you is don’t start as a mean person, and be nice to people. Enjoy what life has to offer. The gift of life is: positivity!