May 17, 2016

It feels like the year is already over. The reason I am saying is that the year will pass without us even knowing it. I don’t give it of not too much importance, because it is no big deal. We will enjoy the rest of the years that come our way.

My class has finished, but these last days it didn’t matter, because I’ve finished it already. I have finished successful early anyway. Now I am reading the lessons I have read before from the last writing course I took.

I am almost finished with Joe Hill’s novel, Horns. I like it much. It is a different kind of horror novel. The reason I liked it is because it has psychological suspense.

I didn’t take a walk these few days, but I did lift weights and doing abdominal exercises. I feel healthy now.

So, far I only need one last writing online class I need to finish, but that is until this August. This is smart of me, so I can restudy my former writing courses.

I don’t watch too much TV. I read a lot and write almost everyday. I work at the computer of my dad’s architecture. I go on errands.

When I sleep I listen to music. Most of the music is hip-hop, and some smooth jazz. I have accuradio, so there are radio stations that I can listen to. If not, then I listen to soft music on 93.1 fm.

Well, I am writing-off, and signing-off! Till the next post adventure, my friends! Remember, be safe, treat people with respect, be kind, and behave! ❤ 🙂


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